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Susceptiblity And Infection

Dr Aparna
BHMS, MD Homoeo
Department of organon of medicine.

Susceptibility is the power to react to stimuli, means power of an human organism to react to stimulus, stimulus may be  occupational, environmental, social etc. A normal person with  normal susceptibility, reacts normally

So,  a person reacts normally to each every and stimulus, digestion, assimilation, respiration everything will takes place normally and harmoniously, without any alteration , in a person or human being.

If , Susceptibility is altered, increased or decreased, changes in person’s or human beings capacity to react starts, susceptibility may be altered due to some stress, environmental factors, occupational factors etc, then  human being can’t be to able to perform his normal operations harmoniously, i.e, digestion assimilation respiration etc , so, the difficulty in performing these vital operations , will be reflected as signs and symptoms outwardly known as disease

At this moment, when a human being exposes to some noxious influences , these may pollutants , or some unhygienic conditions etc then develops signs and symptoms of disease, may be a infectious disease also.

 So, each and every person will not develop signs and symptoms of disease or infectious disease unless their Susceptibility is altered is by some exciting cause.

Intensity of the disease depends upon the quantity of the susceptibility altered.  According to  this they will express signs and symptoms .Each and every individual susceptibility will react differently , so intensity in expression of signs and symptoms differs, and also the number of symptoms and signs , differ  even exposed to same disease cause.

Even, while  prescribing Genus Epidemicus, as a prophylactic to some particular infectious epidemic disease, on observation some will express the symptoms and signs very earlier, some will not express, also the intensity differs, nothing but they differ in susceptibility , their way of reacting  differs. 

If a person is suffering with strong chronic disease, stronger disease will not allow the epidemic infectious to enter, that is his / her Susceptibility is already weakened by the stronger stimulus of chronic disease so his / her susceptibility is weakend that is, not able to react to  another strong stimulus , so will not be able to  suffer with this another disease again.

Disease is nothing but altered susceptibility, leads to disturbed functioning of a human organism.

 If a person is a  taking en number of  medications, his /her normal susceptibility will be detoriated, that is, able to react will be diminished, so ultimately medicines may not work, person may die.

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