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Susceptibility And Homoeopathy

This article deals with the concept of susceptibility , its usage in homoeopathy and its effects in living organisms. Susceptibility is the reaction of the body to external and internal influences. In our homoeopathy it is very important and useful in a diseased person it helps us in satisfying the morbid susceptibility by giving a similimum.
Keywords :
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Concept of Susceptibility :
Susceptibility define as the expression of vacuum in the individual. The vacuum attracts and pulls for the things most needed that are in the same plane of vibration as the want of the body. Susceptibility is one of the fundamental attribute of life. (3)
Susceptibility differs from individual to individual and in individual from time to time.(2) We can see expressions of susceptibility in different levels like general , physical , mental and immunological level. (6)
Susceptibility and Life : it organize or affects physiological and pathological functions depends on basic quality of life. (5)

Susceptibility and Health : normal susceptibility is essential for maintenance of health. All rational therapeutics will aim at the restoration of normal susceptibility in order to achieve health. (5)

Susceptibility and Disease : all the disease results from abnormal susceptibility. Indisposition which takes place within the elastic limit of susceptibility. Abnormal susceptibility may be increased or diminished. A morbid susceptibility may be regarded as a negative condition, a state of lowered resistance. (5)

Susceptibility and Cure : a restoration of normal susceptibility from morbid susceptibility brings cure. (5)

Effects of Increased and Decreased Susceptibility :

Increased susceptibility :
Increased susceptibility promotes development of disease and exaggerated abnormal response to stimuli.

Causes of Increased Susceptibility : Psoric miasm , tubercular miasm , age , intellectual, pregnancy , profound turmoil.

Decreased susceptibility :
Decreased susceptibility denoted by poor response of an organism to stimuli. Decreased susceptibility reflected in a pooe general condition.

Causes of Decreased Susceptibility : sycoticmiasm, syphilitic miasm , age , addiction , occupation , drugs and chemicals , severe malnutrition.

Usage of Susceptibility in Homoeopathy :
Knowledge of susceptibility is very essential for achievement of ideal cure in homoeopathy. It helps in assessing the attitudes and reactions of a living being to varying environmental conditions.
Susceptibility in Healthy State :
The personality , behavior could be understood by knowing person’s affinities , attractions , desire , reaction etc. bearing of hardships and it’s effects , the effects of joy , pleasant surprise effects , good news and success upon individual , reaction towards adversities . these will helps in individualization . individualization of person is essential in case taking . it also help to understand constitution and temperament of person.
Susceptibility in Diseased State :
Knowledge of susceptibility helps in satisfying morbid susceptibility by giving a similimum after totality of symptoms and by ideal case taking. Selection of similimum depends upon susceptibility. A diseased person may be susceptible to number of remedies but greatest susceptibility is manifested in most similar one.
Also doctrine of posology depends upon degree of susceptibility like,

So, susceptibility have great importance in homoeopathy as it gives understanding of individualization , constitution , temperament , selection of remedy , dose and potency etc. (1)

Conclusion :
It is very clear that knowledge of susceptibility is essential for ideal homoeopathic cure and a normal susceptibility is important for homeostasis inliving one. Our homoeopathy having great remedies to bring normal susceptibility to achieve ideal homoeopathic cure.

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Author : Krupa Patel.
From parul institute of homoeopathy and research.
Guided by Dr. B. P. Panda sir.

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