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Hints On Recognising Chronic Miasms In Everyday Practice

The first essential for recognizing whether there is any miasmatic defect in the patient , is to pay proper attention , when collecting the symptoms and history of a patient to the functional and the structural changes separately and to forget the name of the disease from which he suffer at present for the time being , whenever the symptom and history indicate that either of these changes have tended to go inward from outward (or in some cases from below upwards)it may be taken for granted tat his natural resistance to disease called viz. “medicatrix naturae”is power less against the force of the miasm and curing his present ailment (except in very acute case of injuries etc.) permanently will not be possible without first tackling the miasm .In order words , more attention should be paid to the changes that have occurred in the patient as a whole with the passage of time than to the name of the diseases from which a person has suffered from time to time and even amongst the changes , more attention should be paid to the functional ones then to the structural ones . This is a technical skill which can not be acquired by those whose minds are filled with anatomy and physiological details and only a true homoeopath can acquire it after long sustained practice . Another general remark which applies to all miasms is that during the miasmatic treatment of the patient ( as a whole and not merely his disease ) the proof of the medicine selected being correct will be either that they symptoms disappear from the upper parts of the body to the lower parts or from with in outward or in the reverse order of their coming . another general point to remember is that manifestations of disorders of the miasms are not always in the form the chronic or long continued diseases , even sudden heart failures have their roots in miasmatic disorders and can not be prevented or cured unless the patient suffering from them received a miasmatic treatment , in fact  it is my firm belief after 20 years of experience that each and every disease considered incurable or surgical in allopathy is curable by miasmatic treatment provided the doctor first empties his brain of all anatomical and physiological details and refills it with miasmatic knowledge . I am a firm believer in Dr.Kent’s view that except venereal diseases all constitutional  ,all constitutional or organic diseases are mere localized manifestations of some miasmic disorders and have to be treated accordingly , if the superiority of the homoeopathic science over the allopathic science is to be convincingly proved to the world .

It will be amply clear from what I have stated that many so called “institutionally” trained homoeopaths , in whose brains  the anatomical and physiological details are too deeply rooted to be thrown out , will find it difficult to appreciate or even understand what I am going to say . . before taking up the main subject of hints for recognizing the three miasms in daily practice , I think it will be useful to know how the miasmatic disturbance set in the body , but for this purpose we have to know what a person with out any miasmatic disturbances would be like , such a perfectly healthy man will be difficult to find in the present day world , but can well be imagined to be a person in whom the vital force is the only ruling energy which keeps all the natural functions perfectly balanced and in whom there are no structural deformities in any organ or tissue of the body . in fact such a person does not think that he has a body or right or left hand or eye or liver or heart or any separate organs in the body , until such time as he has ailment which shows itself out in the form of symptoms such as pains swellings , indurations , burning , vomiting etc, .He is conscious only of the vital force and its six subsidiaries which he can move about and utilize at will to keep healthy and grow up healthy .

The law of nature is that so long as we are healthy and our organs work and function in the normal way we are quite unconscious of any of the organs or parts of our organism but when any organ begins to malnutrition , we feel and think about its existence and by and by painfully so that we begin to think , feel and say we have a liver disease , chest disease head disease etc according to the organ through which the miasm speaks , in perfect health the nervous system including the brain in which the mental functioning is determined , obeys the dictates of the vital force and rejects any worldly temptations likely to interfere with the healthy functioning of the body or mind . In such health the sensory and motor nerves as well as the organs of sensing and locomotion obeys the commands of the mind instead of dictating to it and the , none of the organs is free to act in any way it wished but is bound to act under the promptings of the vital force . the first onslaught of psora on such a body attacks the mind and the nervous system to create a longing for adventurism i.e., for defying nature and violating the prompting of the vital force through eight stages it progresses rapidly like fireworks until the mind becomes so disillusioned as to imagine , not only that he has a body but that he is the body with its so many organs , each of which is likely to be affected by disease and soon , like the political parties each of these organs to feel it importance and puts forth its demands in the form of desires and aversions like and dislikes etc., and many demands of one organ come into conflict with those of the others resulting in utter chaos in the body as in the political field . The vital force is then force to submit to this rebellion and defiance of its authority and the psoric miasm feels triumphant in its success in over powering the vital force . The sufferer find it difficult to move and utilize its six fold basic energies at will or to realize that it is psora which is obstructing their utilization . In due course this longing for “adventurism” and violating the promptings of the vital force enables the psoric miasm to invite any one or both other miasms viz., sycosis and syphilis to expel the vital force from the body . with this clear concept of health and disease in the mind it will be easier to understand and appreciate certain general points in connection with chronic miasm as stated below which have to be borne in mind at every stage viz.,

    1.the vital force does not cause any pathological changes and when the disease agents (miasms)have brought about any such changes , the vital force exerts to its utmost to throw the miasmatic disturbance outward or downward , such changes are usually brought about by suppression of discharges (either natural or disease products)bacteria , viruses , eruptions, pains, ulcerations etc.,

   2.the miasms are most harmless so long as they are kept in their manifested form over the external body as the itching of psora , discharges of sycosis and ulcerations of syphilis . the law of nature is that when suppressive methods of treatment are applied , they begin to affect the internal organs , deeper and deeper they go until the limiting conditions are reached when they destroy , psora brings about incurable degeneration of brain and nervous system , sycosis heart affections and heart failures , syphilis , wasting and incurable ulcers of the most vital parts like lungs .

   3.In their primary stage all the miasms can only bring about functional changes , pathological changes come only in the secondary and tertiary stage . syphilis and sycosis have no power to enter the body unless psora is already there to help them . they do not also pass on to the secondary or tertiary stages for a long time with out the help of psora . strong suppressive methods of treatment , dietary indiscretions climatic and environmental irregularities etc., all necessary for bringing about their secondary tertiary stages accompanied by pathology changes .

   4.the business of the miasms is to oppose the vital force and to push it out of the body i.e., to kill ,tear down , murder , destroy life through their multiple processes , they build false structures , tumors nodes enlarged glands , fibrous tissues , cancer etc., they deform the body dull the intellect and destroy reason . they constantly damage ,will, hope, courage. Their febrile fires burn scorch dry up the tissues , they kill by sepsis reduction(anaemia) or depriving the body of oxygen . the vital force asserts its strength through every reserve and every nerve to oppose them , arrest their progress and throw them out by intensifying and exaggerating the circulatory processes , excretions and secretions , but the miasms become entrenched and attack all weak points , recede and advance and play hide and seek until the vital force is overwhelmed and in a moment of tiredness and exhaustion , they take it by surprise and force it to leave the body . once they enter the body , these miasms never die until the similia comes to the help of vital force and throws them out through un suppressed discharges , eruptions etc.,

   5.nothing can be suppressed the chronic miasms or that which is in combination with them , because they only have a persistent and perfect bond with the vital force , such expressions as cachexias , dyscrasias , diathesis , idiosyncracy and predispositions are only pictures of the ruinous workings of the suppressed staes of the miasms which slowly eat away the organism and wean away the vital force , idiosyncracies in particular are of many type , physical , mental or moral , affecting desires hopes fears cravings longings moods manners attitudes as also bringing about over sensitiveness even to the presence of certain persons strangers , odours tastes etc., since miasmatic actions can spread over generations , all bad habits even criminal tendencies can do result from them .

   6.the miasms express themselves in accordance with degrees of action as acute , latent and chronic . their action in acute stage is termed primary action , it is only functional with out any pathology as explained before . the secondary and tertiary expressions are the origin of pathological manifestations . they are visible only in proportion to the stage and degree of action

   7.the disturbance can not remain in a suppressed state for long owing to the constant vigilance of the vital force , it will break forth in the same form or in the same locality or in a similar or different locality or form . the vital force tries to rebel not only against the miasms but also against the suppressive unscientific methods of treatment

   8.remember therefore that the only importance of pathology to a homoeopath or any other true healer of the sick , as distinct from a mere suppress of the disease is that he should be able to trace it to miasmatic origin whether due to disease or suppressive drugs of allopathy or any other system of medicine .

this is what it really mean by the word “ miasmatic diagnosis” with this back ground it will be easier to recognize individual of mind to try to guess the actual miasmatic disturbance .

A fairly correct idea is possible , the moment a patient enters the clinic , his facial expression actions , movements way of talking and narrating his symptoms etc., should be put to him to find out his subjective symptoms for the purpose of further confirmation of his miasmatic disorders . for example , a psoric patient comes to the door well prepared to tell his case . he is so anxious not to leave any detail that he bring is with him all his reports and other data and is very keen to be fully heard by the doctor . A sycotic patient generally leaves behind his record deliberately , does not give all his symptoms himself , wants to be short in his haste “you ask the question “he will say to the doctor and I will reply . when he says I do not want to take much of your time , he mean he is in a hurry to go . both psoric and sycotic patients are in a hurry but the hurry of the former is from anxiety and he has fear of making a mistake in narrating his symptoms , while the hurry of the latter is from getting bored too quickly . He does not like a repetition but prefers a change are deliberated repeated .

The general aggravation of the sycotic patient is during the day hours and of a syphilitic patient at night and the following morning are already well known .in this manner the clear cut symptoms of the predominating miasm in each patient is known from watching his manner and movements even in cases of mixed miasms , while he is presenting his case and from his replies to the first few question put by us . for example , if I ask him which posture or position in sitting , lying , standing , walking etc., is not comfortable for him and which is most comfortable , a psoric patient will most often say that he can not stand for long and has to walk or sit ; a pscotic will say that he is most comfortable when walking slowly . there can of course be many cases who feel most comfortable lying on the back or walking fast or long distances but these are not sure indications of an single miasm . In my experience I have found that at least 60%of the female sex feel better lying on abdomen , indicating with certainly a sycotic defect in their menstruating or other genital symptom . A psoric patient worries too much about his heart and pulse and yet lives long wit out any defect in any of them , frequently takes his own pulse , appears unclean , unwashed , itching wants to lie down , has over sensitive senses and mind wants to eat even when full . prefers warmth to cold , feels better from free flow of urine , stool , perspiration . A sycotic is generally deceit full , cross , irritable , suspicious , quarrelsome . Is better from leucorrhoea and free nasal discharges suffers from colic gripe and not so much from fullness and distension as a psoric warts moles circular bald spots on head , desires to be pressed over the body rather than lie down like a psoric suffers from many types of pains , rheumatism , arthritis , neuralgias , formation of pus any where is generally always psycotic . A syphilitic is dull heavy stubborn sullen morose suspicious melancholy , self condemning , fixed ideas difficult comprehension unsocial , does not mix up .

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