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Premenstrual Syndrome And Homoeopathy

It was only recently that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) was granted its right full place as a disease entity in allopathic medicine . Before that , menstrual periods ,they were often told that their complaints were all in their minds .If the repertory is made a page by page search for premenstrual symptoms this work yields a multitude of rubrics having as one of the modalities “ before menses “. Some examples include : irritability , sadness  , and depression , loathing of life , weeping , vertigo ( which includes dizziness ) , head pain ( head ache ), pimples on the face , abdominal distension , abdominal pain , diarrhea , constipation , breast pain , uterine pain , breast swelling , and back pain . there is also a rubric listing remedies for women who are worse in general before their periods . Like wise , from the materia medica of homoeopathy , we learn that many remedies are effective for symptoms occurring before the menstrual periods . like wise from materiamedica of homoeopathy we learn that ,   many remedies are effective for symptoms occurring before the menstrual period . Lachesis is specially known for strong premenstrual symptoms which clear up dramatically as the flow begins . Natrum muriaticum and sepia are other remedies which often ameliorate PMS symptoms . certain remedies strongly affect the hormonal system and will likely be appropriate for women suffering from PMS . Any constitutional remedy which fits the patients totality of complaints , including her PMS can cure PMS as well as her whole system . And so for years while allopathic medicine was denying the existence of PMS , homoeopathy is curing it !

PMS is a chronic syndrome which certain women have , some worse than others . It can increase in intensity with age . common symptoms ( which vary from person to person ) include emotional liability , irritability , nervousness , depression , headaches , dizziness , swelling , weight gain , bloating and breast tenderness .

Allopathic medicine now uses various stop-gap treatments aimed at decreasing the woman’s most trouble some symptoms . for example , diuretics are used to decrease fluid retention and pain medication to stave off headaches and cramps . Some times hormones are used to alter the menstrual cycle . I have known women who have discovered that they can reduce their premenstrual suffering by drastically limiting the foods they eat ( some must even fast ) before their periods .

The problem with these treatments is that they must be used every month ( or cycle ) , also they only suppress symptoms , they do not cure .

Homoeopathy has the advantage of being able to strengthen the symptom so that chronic disease can often be cured , or at least reduced dramatically ,as the body regains its homeostatic balance of health . A single remedy is prescribed based on the woman’s premenstrual symptoms as well as any other problems she might have , in some cases one remedy can bring about long term relief of symptoms .

Included below are three examples of patients I have treated for PMS with homoeopathy .

The first is a 30 year old woman who had been having the following symptoms before her periods : anger , dizziness , poor concentration , switching words while speaking “spaciness “ and a general feeling as if she did not have a grip on life . These symptoms were better with the onset of her menstrual flow . she was chilly , craved sweets and fruit and had facial acne . Her energy had been low since an accident injury one year earlier ,

Because she also was depressed and sighing from a recent grief following the death of a close relative , and also because she had difficulty crying despite her sadness , she was given “ ignatia “ . Further confirmations of this remedy choice were her desire for fruit and perspiration on her fore head .

Right after the remedy she noticed an increase in her sighing and her energy dropped ; she had to sleep a lot . These symptoms improved , and by her two month follow-up her energy was better , there was a decrease in her sighing and she had no PMS symptoms ! her mind was clearer and her depression was better , despite several stresses at work . she now felt like she could cry .

3 months after the remedy she definitely had less sighing , her energy was still good , her moods even , and her mind still clear . she did not switch words while she was speaking , she still had no PMS symptoms . her acne had gotten worse this development , with the improvement of her mental/emotional states and deeper symptoms was an indication that the remedy had been curative i.e., symptoms were healing from with in outward .

6 months later , at her last appointment she still remained better in general and had not had a recurrence of her PMS symptoms

another woman 44 years old , had PMS since her menarche . For several days before her periods she would experience depression , mood swings , and a lot of irritability at things that usually did not bother her . At these time she would yell at her children and sometimes even hit them Normally she was very mild mannered and appeared so in the office . She also had spring allergies , a fear of traveling alone , claustrophobia , an aversion to fat and a craving for sweets , especially pastries , she was never thirsty . with in the past few years her father had died , she had lost a close friend to cancer , and she had discovered her husband’s infidelity , but had decided to stay in the marriage because it represented security for her .

This woman’s PMS had come on with the hormonal changes of puberty . She was mild mannered , with mood swings before her period , thirst less and craving pastries . Pulsatilla is a remedy known for effectiveness in hormonal problems , allergies , changeable moods and grief and fits this woman’s fears and food preferences . Usually “ pulsatilla “people are mild mannered , but this remedy has been added to the repertory for the symptom irritable before the menses . It is certainly well known for being depressed before the menses and is listed prominently in the repertory for this symptom.                                                                  

Pulsatilla was given . After the remedy , she wept for three days (weeping is a major symptom of pulsatilla ) and felt premenstrual even though she had just finished her period . These symptoms cleared up , and at her one month follow up , she was feeling very well . she was much calmer and less moody , she had no hayfever symptoms despite the high pollen count and windy weather of the previous month which would normally cause her to have strong allergic reactions .

She reported only minimal depression before her last period and no irritability . These were dramatic improvements .

Four months after the pulsatilla  she reports she had some irritability before her most recent menstrual period , but is still better than before the remedy . she may be beginning to relapse , or this may be transitory return of symptoms .

The third woman came with menstrual complaints of tremendous mood swings , crying , and violent anger , she would get very emotional , re-living old upsets such as disappointments with previous boy friends . she also had “ spaciness “ and awkwardness , for example falling and dropping things . In addition , she had cramps before her period , every thing would get better when her period began . She was a very intense woman , who spoke quickly . She had other chronic problems including pounding sinus headaches and low back pain . The latter had begun with an injury in child hood .

She had strong cravings for sweets , spicy foods , lemons , and lemonade , she hated fat , she was chilly ; had a history of obesity ; and she feared heights .

Her remedy ,” Belladonna” was chosen because it is strongly indicated in hormonal problems , has typically throbbing sinus headaches , is a major remedy for sinusitis , and fits the vital intense nature of this woman . It is known for desiring lemon and lemonade . Interestingly , it does not fit chilly people , but this symptom along with a fear of heights , aversion to fat , and a history of obesity suggests “ calcarea carbonica “, a known complimentary remedy of “ Belladonna “ . In this case , calcarea carbonica might become indicated later on for this woman after Belladonna has done its work .

For the first two days following Belladonna , the pounding sinus headaches worsened , then came a severe aggravation of her back pain . The headaches improved , and the back pain lessened . At the next premenstrual time , she was a lot less emotional . She also had fever pimples on her face (she had forgotten to mention this symptom ) ,at that visit , she said “ I used to fear this time of the month because of my terrible symptoms “ .

Her PMS remained better for three months . the fourth month she used cocaine , which we know to be a strong antidote of homoeopathic remedies . This precipated a return of all symptoms . unfortunately Belladonna did not work a second time . Over the next few months , I tried other remedies , but was unable to find the correct one . The patient got discouraged and left treatment .

These are some of many examples of the treatment of PMS by homoeopathy . One of the most gratifying reports a patient can give is , as another of my patients said on her follow up visit , “ I did not even know my period was coming .

A final word : besides potentially curing symptoms , homoeopathic treatment has the advantage of also acting preventively . A woman who has troublesome PMS shows a weakness on the hormonal level . For this reason , it is conceivable that she might likely suffer more at menopause than a woman who has had little or no symptoms of PMS . Many of the remedies listed for premenstrual symptoms are also well known for curing hot flushes and other symptoms of menopause . For examples , Kent in his lectures on materia medica states that “ Lachesis “ a common remedy at the menstrual period is also laid down as a remedy for the climacteric period and , if you study the cases of many women at the climacteric period you will find that many of them have the flushes of heat and the great circulatory disturbances that are found under Lachesis .

Good homoeopathic treatment of premenstrual symptoms can strengthen the woman’s health as a whole , not only diminishing future PMS symptoms , but also decreasing the likely hood of future illnesses .

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