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Seven To Puberty: The Latency Period And Homoeopathy

Around the age of seven , the age of reason the child gives up trying to preserve the bond with the mother or to ostracize the father . like snow white , he leaves his castle to live with the dwarfs – the other children – and wait puberty . all that is now left for him at junior school.

This phase of life brings few conflicts and consequently few illnesses

Taraxacum; is the pupil who does nothing unless there is some one behind him , urging him on all while . it’s getting going that he finds difficult , left to his own devices , he would do not thinking , or at the would spend all day playing with his friends ,simply because he can’t see any point in working hard . he has the characteristic physical symptom of a mapped tongue , which betrays an underlying liver problem

Calcarea phos; is another good remedy for this phase of childhood . the calc.phos child grows too fast and becomes thin , exhausted and malnourished . school wears him out and he suffers from headaches , because his intuitive brain is ill suited to the intellectual focus of learning . he is prone to swollen glands and can be ticklish as to render any kind of physical examination possible . he also has a characterstic voracious hunger at around 5pm , in the afternoon , just after school . having devoured two or three sandwiches , he falls into an exhausted sleep and does not awake until the following morning . he can not bear any kind of injustice.

Plumbum; can’t stand rules and restrictions especially those of school , which weigh heavily on him . his ideal would be to spend all day out doors where he could observe nature , day dream , and play and he just can’t see the point of learning and copying , all he needs is a shot of lead –in a homoeopathic doses , of course !

Despite his bright and lively nature , the silica child is so terrified before an audience that he retreats into his shell and avoids participating in class activities . along with his constantly blocked nose and unhealthy , fastering skin , he is constantly recognizable from his offensively sweaty feat

Bartata carbonica ; understands every thing , but too slowly , he feels ashamed because he can’t keep up , and his class mates tease him mercilessely . his worst subject is mathematics , but a single dose of baryata carb will often enable him to catch up

Floric acid is too unstable to take in a whole day of lessons . His mind fits all over the place , imagining and day dreaming . since he thanks faster than he can write , his work books are full of spelling mistakes . his key physical symptom is that his nails grow fast and constantly blocked nose and constantly need cutting


Enuresis or bed wetting can hinder a child’s social development , if it discourages him from sleeping at friend’s house or from growing on school trips

The fact that animals use urine to mark their territory shows the usual source of the problem , there are many potentially usefull homoeopathic remedies , including ;

Kreotism and belladonna ;who sleep so deeply that they loose control of their bodily functions

Sepia; wets himself during the first part of sleep , while his days are spent tidying up in order to restore a sense of cleanliness and order

Capsicum; has never discovered from a house move or other displacement

Kali bichromicum ; is trying to define his boundaries , just like an anilal marking its tertiary Lac caninum is the main remedy for long standing enuresis , which may continue through into adolescence. The patient believes he is worthless and that he will never achieve any thing.

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