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Leucorrhea And Homeopathy

Leucorrhea is strictly defined as an excessive normal vaginal discharge.

-psora in background.
-clear, copious and albuminous leucorrhea.
-leucorrhea with sensation as a warm water is flaws.
-leucorrhea between menses with great nervousness.
-white as starch, bland without pain.
-psora and syphilitic.
-profuse watery, sometimes yellowish leucorrhea.
-odour of green corn.
-stains the linen cloth.
-acidity is marked.
-red spots and itching in vulva.
-leucorrhea with great debility.
-warmth in general.
-psora in background.
-very profuse and ropy leucorrhea.
-looking like a white of an egg.
-greatly axhausting as it is rich in albumin.
-it mainly occurs in daytime.
-great profuseness is characteristic.
-very bad constipation.
-cold bathing.
-king of anti syphilitic.
-Foetid leucorrhea with scratching.
-acrid, excoriating leucorrhea.
-smarting, burning swelling on external genital organ.
-purulant, greenish, yellowish leucorrhea. Worse at night.
-washing with cold water.
-anti psoric, anti sycotic.
-washer woman’s remedy.
-leucorrhea yellowish, green colour and offensive.
-milky, worse before menses.
-soreness of pudenda.
-exercise, pressure, after sleep.
-leucorrhea in backache.

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