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Postures Of Sleep

Hey guys, today I.m going to share very pleasent and surprising notes about the postures of sleep. Many of you think that, “Yaar, it’s sleep only, what we can perceive by it?” But it is not foolish stuff, when I’m comes with the touch of some books about sleep, I’m shocked. “What a informative content is this !” Even I can’t believe at that time, but when I observe it in some people, then I trust and speak loudly,” OMG “. So I don’t waste your time and coming to the point.

Sleeping Postures

A ) Sleeping while Covering the Eyes
1. Half-side sleeping
– Secretive people
– Don’t want to open to their problems
2. One hand below the head, other covering the eyes
– Selfish
– always think about their own interests
B ) Displeased Sleeping
1. Holding one hand with the other, Face down
– To show anger or resentment
– Not ready to be easily pleased by others
– Lack of patience
– Tolerant of contradiction
C ) Sleeping with Folded Legs
1. Lying on side , One hand below head and other one folded , Legs folded
– Timid but sensitive
– Unable to express one’s feelings
– Sympathetic
– Inclination towards spiritualism
D ) Lying Sideways While Sleeping
1. One hand below head and other stretched along waist , Legs folded up
– ‘Alertness’ in life and sleep
– Spiritual, compassionate, communicative
– Vivacity; music and dance
E ) Over-turned Sleeping
1. Lying on abdomen with face down , Both hands up , Face between the arms
– Heedless
– Tries to avoid responsibility
– Sadness
F ) Pleasant Sleeping
1. Lying on side/abdomen , Elbows folded , Both hands used in place of pillow
– Comfortable sleeping posture
– Free from mental agonies
– Tired persons are in need of this posture
G ) Thinking Posture
1. Hands folded below the head , Right foot also folded , Back sleeper with arms crossed to support the head
– Analyzing own behaviour/thoughts of past and present
– Some situation demanding decision
– What good they did and what went wrong in their lives
– Highly intelligent and enthusiastic to learn, yet sometimes filled with cranky ideas which people find hard to follow
– Takes good care of family
– A little choosy
H ) Home Alone Posture
1. Back sleeper with legs crossed , Both knees up with one resting upon the other knee
– Self-obsessed; has difficulty in accepting changes
– Solitude is the priority, yet redeeming quality is the threshold for tolerance
I ) Liberty Loving Posture
1. Back sleepers with arms and legs crossed out , Use of maximum space–horizontal and vertical
– Liberty loving soul, comfort lover
– True identity, beauty-worshipper
– A real spendthrift, nosy and enjoying gossiping
“Who did you mention in your tales lately?”
J ) Egoistic Posture
1. Hands up, but folded , Hands closed behind the head , Lying on back , Head kept high
– High self-image; egoistic
– Disdainful of others
– Selfish; careless about social and moral aspects
K ) Avengeful Posture
1. Sleeping on back , Use hands as pillows , One knee folded upwards
– ‘Anger’ inside
– Avengeful
– Things going against his wishes
L ) Leadership Posture
1. One hand or both hands folded behind , Both knees up , One foot rested on the other knee
– Intellectual people
– Cunning
– Superiority complex in the presence of others
– Leadership
M ) Secretive Posture
1. Covering from head to toe
– May appear real macho in public, but deep down there is shyness and weakness
– Keep loads of secrets
– Keeps problem within self and broods over it rather than asking for help
– Grimace in sleep
N ) Curling-up Posture
1. Side sleeper, curling-up
– Childish
– Selfish, jealous and vindictive
– Easily irritated
O ) Cuddled-up Posture
1. Sleeping with folded legs and folded hands , Occupying little space
– Childish
– Obsessed with past failures and setbacks
– Lonely and depressed
– Hesitant and indecisive; giving others an impression that love has been missing in life
P ) Heedless Posture
1. Sleeping on abdomen
– Narrow-minded
– Self-centered and force people to apply with their needs
– Reckless and desultory
Q ) Helpless Posture
1. No straightness , Upper and lower part at variance , Hands on forehead
– Despair
– Agitated
– Indecisive in solving problems
R ) Nervous Posture
1. Side sleeper with one knee bent
– Fussy, gets excited over small matters
– Whining and complaining
– Nervous, tensed up easily
S ) Alert Posture
1. One hand below the head , The other is on the hip , Knees folded, but sleeping sideways
– ‘Alertness’ in life and sleep
– Spiritual, compassionate, communicative
– Vivacity; music and dance
T ) Broad Decision Makers
1. Folded elbow , Both the hands over the head , Sleeping on one side or on back
– Far-sighted
– Intellectual
– Broad decision maker
U ) Concealed Posture
1. Both hands up on head , Forehead is covered by one hand , Sleeping on back
– Hide feelings
– Decision making
– ‘Agony’ going on
V ) Disorganized Posture
1. No evenness or order , Both hands up and folded, but differently , One leg up, other relaxed
– Mental depression or illness
– Eccentric people
W ) Avoidant Posture
1. Sleeping on one side , Eyes covered by hands , One hand used as a
– Closes ‘eyes’ to the problems
– Bad habits
– ‘Selfish’, thinks about own interests and never of others
Hope you all learn a lot from this. This material helps me a lot, and going to help of yours. All the best for all yours future observations and it’s perception.

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