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Physiological Role And Therapeutic Action Of Calcium In The Human Body

Dr A. Vincer George,
Associate Professor
Department of Physiology Including Biochemistry
Yenepoya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

In this article, role of calcium in the human body is compared with the therapeutic action of Calcarea group of remedies.   

Calcium is a major mineral of the body. 99% of calcium is found in the bone.

Sources – milk and milk products mainly, fruits, vegetables

Normal values – 8.8 to 10.4mg/dL, Daily requirements – 400mg/day

Predominantly – tubercular miasm, chilly patient, right sided affinity.

Physiological Role of Calcium   Therapeutic Action of Calcium  
In Blood calcium major role in Formation of thromboplastin during coagulation. it have both intrinsic and extrinsic pathway for the formation of prothrombin activator by activating factor X (stuart prover)  Haemopoietic system Anaemia Bleeding disorder – haemorrhagic tendency, Calc ars – anaemia, haemolysis, (children malaria – enlarged liver and spleen). Palpitation of heart Calc carb – anaemia, raised blood coagulability Calc flour – vascular tumour with dilated vessels Calc hypophos – pallor of skin, vein stand out like whip-cord. Calc iod – varicose vein with ulcer Calc lact nat – haemorrhage, alkaline blood. Calc phos – anaemic children Calc sulph – infants with bloody coryza.
In neuro-muscular system by Excitation of nerves and muscles at neuromuscular junction as a second messenger. Action potential releases the calcium into sarcoplasm so that it breaks the secretory vesicles to release the neurotransmitters like acetylcholine leading to conduction of impulse from nerve to muscles (Signal transduction pathways). Nervous system – Convulsion, epilepsy, paralysis. Calc ars – epilepsy with congestion, vertigo violent rush of blood to head. Calc carb – teething convulsion, chorea, congestion Calc caust – neuralgia, paralysis, rheumatism Calc mur – trembling, giddiness.
In Musculo-skeletal system calcium help in the attachment actin with myosin by troponin calcium binding protein that is cross bridge reflex. Musculo-skeletal system – climacteric ailments Calc ars – complaints of fat women at climacteric Calc carb – pain as If sprained, Twitching, trembling. Calc hypophos – limbs perfectly powerless, total loss of desire to move. Calc ovi tosta – backache as if broken in two.
Bone and teeth – calcium is essential for growth and devolpement especially for children. Calcium balance is hormonally regulated by parathyroid hormone, vitamin – D and calcitonin. Calcitonin – PTH –   Bone & teeth – delayed milestone, Dentition, rickets Calc brom – children remedy Calc carb – impaired nutrition, children are fat, fair, flabby, large head, open fontanelles, delayed milestone.  Calc flour – rachitic enlargements of femur in infants, deficient teeth enamel Calc hypophos – emaciation of children Calc iod – flabby children subjects to cold. Calc phos – complaints during teething, teeth develop slowly. tardy dentition, non-union of fractured bones. Bone form sutures or symphyses Calc sil – atrophy of childrens
Cellular communication – calcium channels (calcium counter transport) role in exocytosis, endocytosis, edema. Edema, loss of vital fluid, perspiration. Calc acet – mucus membranous exudation Calc ars – Dropsy Calc carb – much perspiration, wet the pillow. Calc fluor – suppuration in ear Calc hypophos – exhausting night sweat Calc iod – secretions inclined to be profuse and yellow, easy perspiration. Calc lact – vasomotor rhinitis, oedema of eyelids, upper lip and hands Calc mur – cold sweats. Calc phos – tendency to perspiration Calc sulph – suppurative process. Mucus discharges are lumpy, yellow, thick  


Thus, we come to know action of calcium in various physiological system like blood, muscle, nerves, cellular, skeletal (bone & teeth) so that Calcarea group remedies indicated for those system based illness and its symptomatic manifestation. It is co-related study of both Physiological and Homoeopathic effect of calcium in the human body.


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