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Datura (Thorn Apple)

It has two varieties:

  1. Datura alba (Safe Datura)
  2. Datura nigra (Kala Datura)

The plant grows upto height of 2-3 meters, has green leaves, bell shaped flower and lobular thorny fruit.

Active Principle
Hyocin, Hyoscyamin and Daturine


  1. As a relaxant
  2. Anti-spasmodic
  3. Reduces secretion
  4. As Belladonna plaster

Medico-legal Importance

  1. Suicidal
  2. Homicidal
  3. Accidental: In children due to attractive colour
  4. Mixed with country liquors
  5. Stupefaction

Fatal Dose: 100-120 seeds
Fatal Period: 24 hours

Signs and Symptoms

  1. Hot as a hare
  2. Dry has a bone
  3. Red as a beet
  4. Blind as a bat
  5. Mad as a wet hen

Symptoms appear within ½ an hour and are divided into Stage of Delirium and Stage of coma.
These are as follows:

  1. Vomiting immediately after intake.
  2. Dryness of mouth and throat.
  3. Burning sensation in stomach.
  4. Dysphagia.
  5. Giddiness and staggering gait.
  6. Flushed skin especially face.
  7. Dry hot skin.
  8. Total suppression of secretion.
  9. Dilated pupils with photophobia, loss of accommodation reflex and near vision.
  10. Retention of urine.
  11. Drowsiness.
  12. Exfoliative dermatitis.
  13. Full bounding pulse.
  14. Delirium, muttering and indistinct.
  15. Tries to run away from bed.
  16. Tries to pull out threads from finger tips.
  17. Visual and auditory hallucination.
  18. Finally coma and death.


  1. Stomach wash should be done with KMNO4.
  2. Strong tea as an antidote.
  3. Artificial O2.
  4. Diuretics and purgatives are administered for the elimination of poisons.

Post-mortem Findings

  1. Presence of broken seeds in the stomach.
  2. Grossly congested viscera.
  3. Wide dilatation of pupils.
  4. Externally, marked hypostasis and lividity.

Reference: A Handbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Dr Madona Joseph & Dr Harpreet Kaur

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