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Vincetoxicum: Flu

Vincetoxicum has received a proper homeopathic proving by Dr. Walter Glück in 1988. Vincetoxicum officinalis (swallow-wort) as a plant  belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family and is indigenous to Asia and Europe. It has been introduced to North America and apparently can be found there in New England.
The mother tincture is prepared from the fresh  leaves of the plant, Cynanchum vincetoxicum,
which grows wild at the wayside in Europe.
Has offered great benefit in viral flu-like conditions, where the main pointer has been a peculiar
debilitating head ache.
The main indications are:

  • Acute febrile reaction phases.
  • Mononucleosis (glandular fever).
  • Lymphadenitis
  • Viral diseases

Colds, flu and fever starting with leaden  tiredness, nasal congestion with discharge,  pressive headache and chills. Afterwards come  pains in the extremities, all bones hurt (similar
to Eup-per.), heat and fever, sometimes  alternating with chilliness. Headache, primarily
and particularly a pressing down on the vertex or  the forhead — dull, throbbing, bursting, ameliorated by lying down.
The feature that leads  to Vincetoxicum most of  the time is the headache. It is a pressing pain
which also may radiate from the forhead to the  eyes with photophobia, mental dullness, vertigo,  inability to think clearly. Often accompanied by  a stiffness of the cervical spine and neck with  pains there, extending to the head. Throat pain  with enlarged or swollen tonsils, worse on  swallowing. Paroxysms of a dry cough, leading to  a burning chest pain after a couple of  days. Headache definitely worse from coughing.
Vincetoxicum has features which belong to: Eup-per (broken down feeling and pain in bones)
Bryonia (worse movement, hot head with chills,  similar kind of headache, etc.).
If you find a patient where you can’t decide  between Eup-per and Bry give Vincetoxicum instead. — Chris Kurz
Oscillococcinum (Anas barbariae hepates et  cordes extractum) 200C works wonders in the early  chills kind of stage of a flu (if you catch it in  the first hours — after that it’s chancy at best).

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