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Rare Remedies

In homeopathic practice, we meet with situations where prescribing becomes difficult owing to insufficient data for prescribing a polychrest remedy. Rare remedies often play a useful role in such cases and do an excellent job. They are called rare as they are not known/prescribed by a majority of physician. Yet the indications for their use are given in various materia medica. Successful use of rare remedies should be shared freely with the profession for their wider use and benefit. I am venturing to share my experiences of use of some of the rare remedies.

Amygdale persica
  •  Constant nausea and vomiting
  •  Morning sickness
  •  Haematuria (after urination spurtof urine comes)
(Other morning sickness medicines:Crocus Cacti)
(Potency 200)
  •  Trigeminal neuralgia (Right)
  •  More helpful in mandibular nerve neuralgia (of both sides)
  •  Aggravation by coffee
  •  Excoriated cracked nipples
  •  Pre-suppurative stage of glands
  •  Pimples and boils around nose
  •  Chenye-strokes respiration
  •  Angio-neurotic oedema
(without fail 200)
  •  Sea sickness
  •  Nausea in alcoholic cirrhosis
Anthemis nobilis
(Potency 200)
  •  Extreme anxiety and fear – does not move out of the house (in cases of depression)
  • Not in induced depression as wife is beaten by husband.
  •  In 2 types of depression
    • a) Endogenous depression
    • b) Exogenous depression
  •  Locomotor Ataxia
  •  Knee pains with crackling joints
  •  Cannot walk with eyes down due to vertigo
  • Irresistible desire for coff ee
Arsenic sulph rubrum
  •  Vitiligo (ars sulph flavum is failure in vitiligo, not used in circinate lesions deep in skin)
  •  Psoriasis
(Low Potency)
  •  Used more importantly in psoriatic arthritis
Asclepius tuberosa
  •  Tobacco induced dysentery (for left lung pleurisy)
  •  Not used in case of random use of tobacco
(30, 200)
  •  Salivary calculus (80% are in sublingual gland)
  • Diagnosis by touching it
  •  Cardiac dyspnoea
Atropinum Sulph
(30 Potency)
  •  Reliever in spasmodic abdominal pains (used in gall bladder colic,not much success in renal colic)
  • [For renal colic –
    •  Right Sided – Pareria brava
    •  Left Sided – Occimum]
Aurum Iodide
  •  Senile paresis
  • Cough aft er influenza/viral fever (bacc, bov, tub)

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