Kali Bichromicum Homeopathic Remedy for Allergies, Sinus Infection, Headache

The Narrow Minded Kali: Kali Bichromicum

Kali bichromicum is often called potassium bichromate; it is a chemical compound that may be acquired from chromium iron ore or by processing potassium chromate with one of a number of strong acids. A highly corrosive substance, it is used primarily in textile dyeing, in the staining of wood, and as a component in electric batteries. It is also a very powerful poison.
Source: Prepared chemically by adding yellow potassium chromate in solution to a stronger acid.
Sphere of Action: The special affinity of Kali bichrom are the mucus membranes of stomach, bowels, and air-passages; bones and fibrous tissues. Kidneys, heart, and liver are also affected. Mucous membranes everywhere are affected. Cattarrh of pharynx, larynx, bronchi and nose; and a tough, stringy, viscid secretion is produced, which condition is very strong guiding symptom for Kali bichrom. Other organic lesions commonly found in Kali bichrom patients are: Incipient parenchymatous nephritis; perforation of the septum; dilatation of stomach and heart, etc.
Action: Ulcerative, Catarrhal, Rheumatic.
Constitutional and physical features
Indicated for fleshy, fat, florid complexioned persons subject to catarrhs or with syphilitic or scrofulous history. Although the kali bichromicum type is over weight a conformist and prefers to keep a rigid routine; almost any one who suffers from a thick gluey discharge from the nose , throat , or vagina will be helped by this medicine , characteristically those who respond best to Kali bich feel generally week and weary
Disease stage: More adapted to subacute rather than the violent acute stages.
Miasmatic Cleavage: Chiefly a Syco-syphilitic remedy.
Mental plane: Kali bichrome, by nature is a conscientious, industrious, rigid individual with marked narrowness in all the three planes. They are conservative in their attitude, live with the same old friends and don’t try to break their usual routine. This narrowness of vision is expressed on the physical plane in the form of arteriosclerosis, sinusitis, and joint pains. So adherent is Kali to his views that all its discharges become stringy and viscid.
The following rubrics of Kali bich show its mental picture:
·     Absent-minded, unobserving
·     Concentration difficult, studying, reading, etc., while
·     Confusion of mind
·        Night, waking on
·     Dullness, sluggishness
·     Difficulty of thinking and comprehending
·     Sadness, despondency, gloominess
·       Evening
·     Slowness
·     Death, desires
·     Loathing, life, at
·     Suspicious, mistrustful
·     Irritability
Key Notes :  1. Thick , strong lumpy green discharges from the nasal passages or mouth 2. Head aches in small spots as a result of catarrh 3. Dry cough with sticky , yellow green mucus . 4. Pain migratory, localized ameliorated by warmth.           There are very many indications for Kali bichromicum. The most characteristic indications are the discharges from the mucous membranes of tough stringy mucus or muco-pus which adheres to the part and can be drawn out in strings. The formation of plugs or clinkers on the mucous membranes especially of the nose, the formation of false membranes as in croup and diphtheria with a hoarse, metallic cough, and the formation of casts of bronchial tubes in fibrinous bronchitis are various manifestations of the mucous discharges. The secretions and excretions are yellow and the discharges are of jelly-like mucus. There is occurrence of pain in small spots which can be covered with the tip of the finger, alternating shifting conditions as pains wandering from part to part. Rheumatic pains alternate with gastric symptoms or with dysentery headache alternates with blindness. Punched out, perforating ulcers occurring on skin, mucous membranes and affecting bones, especially the vomer and palate comprise another characteristic. Other symptoms are indigestion from drinking beer; weight in the pit of the stomach immediately after eating food for which there is no appetite. The hair sensation on the back of the tongue and in the left nostril is pronounced. Ailments You Can Treat Yourself Arthritis:  That tends to wander from joint to joint , pains come and go very suddenly Eye Infections :  A sticky yellow discharge that occurs with excessive tears Indigestion :  Symptoms come on soon after eating come on soon after eating with heaviness in the stomach  distension with belching , aversion to water and intolerance of meat . Sinusitis : With thick , stringy yellow discharge from the nose and / or throat the pain is felt in a small area about the size of a tip . Pain in the coccyx (tail bone) ; aggravated by sitting , walking or touching it , it is relieved by urination or by sexual intercourse .
Personal characteristics :  You feel worse ;-in the cold and damp –around 9am – from drinking beer , you feel better – for moving about  Food—potatoes and other starchy foods may be poorly digested –a craving for sweets
Remedy Relationship: Complementary: Ars-a, Phos, Psor. Antidotes: Ars, Lach.            

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