Your success journey starts here: Introducing B Jain Buddy Program

Your success journey starts here: Introducing B Jain Buddy Program

Greetings from BJain Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.! This blog is not typically a blog, it is a message to the young Homeopathic graduates who are set to dive into the real world of practice. Let’s discuss everything at length and why not? It should be the talk of the month. Thousands of homoeopathy students will be graduating in the coming months throughout India, looking for opportunities and dreaming about their careers. That dream of having a perfect clinical practice can come true and we are here to guide you throughout the process.

What difficulties does a young Homeopathy graduate face?

Initial years are crucial in determining your career graph, and most of you must be worried and confused. It is not unusual to be confused. When studying in college, that time seems like you are in a comfortable environment under the wings of your professors and mentors. But then the real world hit us hard. All that anticipation, confusion, and dread of failure hamper the decision-making process. When you come from a non-medical family, it becomes 10-fold more difficult. But you are not alone at that time, we are here to hold your hand and give you the desired support. 

What is the BJain Buddy Program?

BJain has been a pillar supporting the growth of Homoeopathy and now is no different from before. The vision at BJain has only become clearer. We are more determined to help young minds. BJain Buddy Program is an initiative of the BJain group to help young homoeopathic doctors to set up their clinics. We would like to encourage you that your ambitions can come to reality. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity and get yourself enrolled. 

How to enroll in the BJain Buddy Program?

You can fill out the Google form through the link given below. You will be contacted with elaborate information.

What is the launch date of the BJain Buddy Program?

It will be released on 19th June 2024 on BJain Pharmaceuticals’ YouTube channel, the link is given below. You can subscribe to stay updated. Learn about the dynamics behind setting up a clinic and running it seamlessly. Our marketing head Mr. Ajay Mahajan will tell you important marketing strategies that can come in handy.

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