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World Oral Health Day 2022

GCC Oral Health Unified Week & World Oral Health Day Celebrated On 25th March

World Oral Health Day 2022

World Oral Health Day is observed every year on 20th March with an aim to highlight the benefits of good oral health, spread awareness about oral diseases and promote maintenance of oral hygiene.

For the next three years i.e. 2021-2023, the theme of the World Oral Health Day is ‘Be Proud of Your Mouth’. The campaign is to spread message that oral health is significant for overall health. For longer and healthier life oral health should be taken care of. It focuses on asking people to value and take care of their oral health and make the right decisions to protect it. In the 1st year of 2021, the day focused on how oral health affects our overall health. In 2022, it aims to inspire action by highlighting how a healthy mouth is important for our happiness and well-being.

Purpose of World Oral Health Day

Empower people with the knowledge, tools and confidence to secure good oral health. delta 8 may offer a range of benefits

History of World Oral Health Day

WOHD was first declared and originally celebrated on September 12, 2007, however, the campaign came into action in 2013. The day March 20 was chosen to reflect the importance of oral hygiene and care as the children must have 20 baby teeth and the senior citizens must be left with 20 teeth at the end of their life. Healthy adults must have 32 teeth with 0 dental cavities. Our mouth is a gateway to our body for everything that we intake consciously or unconsciously. It is very important to take special care of oral hygiene in order to stay healthy.

​​Oral and dental health is regarded as an integral part of public health, negatively or positively getting affected by it and affecting it. Since the incidence rate of the oral and dental diseases in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, greatly surpasses the developed and developing states alike, concerted efforts are required to reduce the incidence rate of these diseases, especially tooth decay, among children of the GCC states.  

Realizing the significance of the oral and dental health, the GCC Oral Health Committee, under the supervision of the Executive Office of the GCC Health Ministers Council, has sought to develop plans and programs to contribute to protecting community from oral and dental diseases. The GCC oral and dental healthcare plan has been developed as a scientific and practical guide for member states.

Official Date:

  • Globally: March 25th-31st, 2018
  • Locally: Rajab 8th-14th, 1439H.

Theme of GCC Oral Health Unified Week: 

“Teeth: Health and Beauty”

Target Group:

  • ​Children.
  • Parents.
  • The public.
  • Doctors and dental technicians.
  • Health professionals, societies and decision-makers.

Objectives and Health Messages:

  • ​Educate community members, particularly children and parents, on the importance and ways of taking care of oral and dental health.
  • Activate the role of community organizations in supporting and implementing the preventive programs.
  • Activate the preventive role of the workforce in dentistry field.
  • Engage health service providers in implementing the oral and dental health prevention programs. ​​

Tips for maintaining good oral health

  • Brush your teeth twice a day regularly.
  • Visit a dentist every 6 months and get an oral health check-up done.
  • Avoid use of tobacco and excessive alcohol.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid excessive intake of refined sugar foods like cakes, cookies and candies.

Let’s unite together to help reduce the burden of oral diseases, which affect individuals, health systems and economies everywhere.

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