World Blood Donor Day 2022: History, theme, significance

World Blood Donor Day 2022: History, theme, significance


World Blood Donor Day Celebrated On 14th June Every Year

World Blood Donor Day 2022 is celebrated on 14th June all over the world as an awareness event to educate the public to promote blood donation and make everyone aware about the need for safe blood and blood products as well as thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.

Blood donation saves millions of lives each year and aids in the rehabilitation and wellness of individuals suffering from diseases, accidents, difficult procedures, or complications during delivery. Natural and man-made calamities necessitate the use of blood reserves. Not everyone is aware of the particular requirements that must be met in order to give blood.

Karl Landsteiner, a scientist, physician, and
immunologist from Austria, born on June 14, 1868, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his
development of the ABO blood group system, which is the contemporary method of
blood type categorization. World Blood Donor Day is
commemorated on his birthday.

For 2022, the World Blood Donor Day slogan is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives” to draw attention to the roles that voluntary blood donations play in saving lives and enhancing solidarity within communities. “Join the effort and save lives” is a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of volunteer blood donations in saving lives and strengthening community bonds. The specific goals of this year’s campaign are to: thank blood donors worldwide and raise public awareness of the need of regular, unpaid blood donation; emphasize the importance during the year blood donation in order to maintain enough supplies and ensure universal and prompt access to safe blood transfusion; and acknowledge and promote the values of voluntary, unpaid blood donation in building community solidarity and social cohesion.

Blood is important for the treatment of wounded people in all kinds of emergencies (natural disasters, accidents, armed conflicts, etc.) and has a vital, life-saving role in maternal and neonatal care. The day encourages younger individuals who may be hesitant or worried about donating blood to sign up and begin donating so that the donor population does not diminish but remains robust. WHO is working hard to ensure that blood donations will be fully unpaid and voluntary in the near future all across the world.

Let’s come together and promise ourselves that no one is ever going to die because of a blood shortage.

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