Why choose Custom EMR for Small Healthcare Practices?

Why choose Custom EMR for Small Healthcare Practices?

Small healthcare practices make up the heart of the modern-day healthcare industry. Most of the time, small healthcare practices are the primary physicians for many patients. Despite being a major part of the healthcare system, only 23% of the small healthcare practices have successfully adopted certified EMR systems

Though the shift from paper-based practices to digital means has been transformational for the healthcare industry, small healthcare practices find it difficult to adapt due to flexibility and convenience. Unknown to the customization available in EMR systems, small healthcare practices can significantly improve and streamline their practices with a simple custom EMR system.

In this blog, let’s see why small healthcare practices should make a digital shift with custom EMR software:

Why is EMR Essential for Small and Private Practices?

The burden on the healthcare system is increasing, and WHO citing the shortage of nurses in the healthcare system by 2030 further raises alarming concerns. However, with the digital transformation of the healthcare landscape in the picture, the role of electronic medical records or EMRs is becoming even more evident.

Small and private practices being placed at the heart of the global healthcare system, EMR systems have become extremely essential for streamlining and preparing for the future of the healthcare industry.

  • Improved Patient Care
  • Enhance Efficiency and Productivity
  • Easy Patient Engagement and Education
  • Seamless Collaboration and Communication
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Enhanced Patient Safety
  • Facilitate Telemedicine and Remote Care

Reasons to Choose Custom EMR Private for Practices

Healthcare practices are becoming more and more specialty-oriented with a holistic approach and personalized care. These are some main reasons why off-the-shelf EMR systems do not integrate seamlessly with the existing processes. This is where a custom EMR software system comes into the picture, giving them an ideal gate to complete digital transformation.

Here are eight reasons why practices should choose a Custom EMR system:

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement

EMR software clearly shows medical insights to both patients and providers. This drives patient engagement with their healthcare. Furthermore, the better the engagement, the more likely patients are to adhere to medication and improve their outcomes.

  • Efficient Data Management

To provide high-quality care, healthcare providers need adequate data and deeper insights into patient data. EMR systems help healthcare providers easily store and manage data. A custom EMR system allows the healthcare facility to customize the software according to the defined practice process, not the other way around.

  • Stedy ROI with Higher Capacity

A custom EMR system is a perfect choice for small healthcare practices because it streamlines all the processes in the healthcare facility. It facilitates a better supply chain, resource utilization, and clinical results and increases efficiency by improving care quality. Furthermore, custom EMR software can be leveraged for easy scalability if the healthcare facility plans to grow in the future.

  • Improved Patient Care

A custom EMR software system brings the entire medical history of the patient at just a click. This allows the providers to make better patient diagnoses and facilitate faster treatment. This enhances both internal and external communication and coordination to provide better patient care.

  • Easier Care Coordination

A custom EMR software system enhances coordination with other care providers in real-time. By sharing patient records with other healthcare service providers, care providers can provide better patient care through smooth and clear coordination between care teams.

  • Better Clinic Productivity

Clinic productivity is significantly eroded by manually performing repetitive tasks. However, custom EMR software streamlines administrative tasks and automates the entire process. This makes the clinic more productive by allowing healthcare staff members to focus on more important things, like providing quality care to patients.

  • Enhanced Security

Paper-based health records are likely to be misplaced, making them unreliable for storing sensitive information. However, a custom EMR software system can easily store and access this data digitally. Moreover, with enhanced security measures, in case of data loss, it can be easily backed up on the cloud and only accessible to authorized personnel.

  • Simple Clinic Management

EMR software allows healthcare practices to move from paper-based record-keeping to a completely digital landscape. This is the best part of custom EMR software, which allows customizations in practice management functionalities. It streamlines and automates a major part of healthcare facility administration by making manual tasks like patient details, appointment scheduling, and types of consultations easier. This makes the process simple and also acts like a simple clinic management software.


EMR has become the catalyst in digital transformation to the digital landscape. Small healthcare practices during this transition should choose custom EMR adoptions for the immense advantages it brings with itself. Along with that, the most distinct feature that a custom EMR software system has from others is that it can be easily customized and scaled in case of expansion. This way, the healthcare facility’s processes will not be disturbed, and the small-scale practice will have a smooth transition to a mid-scale or large-scale healthcare practice while providing better care.

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