Usefulness of individualized Homoeopathic medicine in Mild Depressive Episode - A case report

Usefulness of individualized Homoeopathic medicine in Mild Depressive Episode – A case report


An individual with a mild depressive episode is usually distressed by the symptoms and has some difficulty in continuing with ordinary work and social activities, but will probably not cease to function completely.

Some symptoms:-reduced concentration and attention; reduced self-esteem & self-confidence; idea of Guilt and unworthiness; bleak and pessimistic view of the future; ideas or acts of self-harm or suicide; disturbed sleep; diminished appetite.

Diagnostic guidelines-

Depressed mood loss of interest and enjoyment, and increased fatigability are usually regarded as the most typical symptoms of depression, and at least two of these, plus at least two of the other symptoms described above. None of the symptoms should be present to an intense degree .Minimum duration of whole period is about 2 weeks.

Here, we present a single case of mild depressive episode, in which we were able to ameliorate the symptoms of the present disorder with homoeopathic medicines only, within a short duration.

A 19 year old male patient, dated on -06-07-2020 presented to the Outpatient Department (OPD) of Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre ,Jaipur, along

With an attendant with the following symptoms:

1.2019 june Onset- sudden Progress- constantAnxiety++ Anticipation about furute-Decreased interest in regular activities++-Decreased communication++-Decreased socialization++-Increased lethargicness++-Increased sleepiness++-Melancholic++- thinks to do nothing in life-Wants to live alone.-Mild irratibility increased on contradiction.A/F- shock mental(dia- keratoconus)<anxiety<anticipation>talking> religious affection>physical exercise++


The patient complaints has started1yearback, patient was suffering from when he suddenly came to know about his disease (keratoconus) and got mentally shock and surgery done in 2019.



19 yrs. male dark complexion, short haired, lean thin,came to OPD for case definition on right time .

Patient lives in nuclear family. He is very bright and intelligent and a rank holder student. He is very ambitious & want to prove himself. He is also a religious person, used to go to temple.

He is more attached to his mother since childhood. According to patient some IPR issues were constantly happening between parents. They always used to quarrel with each other. Father used to beat his mother and dominated, so patient did not feel good. In that situation he frustrated and angry on his father. Initially he used to get scare with him but nowadays he react,express and saves his mother.

In childhood, he never much shared with his father. Now, he doesn’t like his father any more, he feels disgusted about him, he doesn’t want to see his face anymore. If father leave him, he will not miss him anymore.


He had craving for sweets.

Perspiration-profuse and more on forehead, trunk & abdomen. Habit – nail biting.

Thermal- towards – hot

Mental state examination:-

Appearance & Behavior, lean thin dark complexioned, short hair, sitting on edge of chair.

Behavior-fidgety- restlessness, constant, hand motion. Speech – normal pitch.

Thought- ambitious, want to prove himself. Memory-immediate recall

Mood/Affect- euthymic- coherent. Insight/ judgment- gradual/good


It was a case diagnosed with Mild depressive episode. On the day admission the more prominent symptoms of the patient were used for repertorization.

THUJA 200 were selected as a antisycotic remedy patient got 70-80% relieved after taking medicines.

LYCOPODIUMCLAVATUM 200 were selected after referring materia medica.

LYCOPODIUM was selected because it seem to cover the symptoms like :-manipulative in nature shows himself superior, thermals-hot , anticipatory anxiety.



Date of prescriptionChanges in symptomatologyMedicines prescribed

CD on 13-07-2020Rhus tox.200/BD/4days
13/07/20No backache , crackling sound Right shoulder- SQPL. 200/ 1D HS/1week

No backache , crackling sound -SQPatient is very talkative , having desire to express himself , shown drawings of Roadies that he has made, eagerly expressing(loquacious) his ambitious, queries,hypochondriac

PL.200/1D HS/7days
27/07/20Mild backache<exercise for a few seconds.Right shoulder- pain mild reappeared due to heavy exercise.Improved Communication,socialization.PL/BD/15 days
10/08/20Dreams -2 times today morningImagination- roadies aboutBackache – occasionally only< while exercise Redness of eyes< while exerciseVision- near vision from left side disturbedRight shoulder- crackling sound <++Thuja 200 1D/STATPL BD /7 DAYS
17/08/20No backacheCrackling sound in B/L shoulder even observed in multiple joints especially while exercise but not anyRt vision- improved Mental state- improved++PL/BD/7 days
24/08/20Vivid dreams about roadiesMental health improved overall>++70-80%PL/BD/ 15 days
Vision – stable
07/09/20No depressive episode All generals are stable Crepitation sound- mildjoint painCalc. Phos6x/4tabs/TDS
26/10/20(Pt came after gap of 6 weeks as he went out to his village) Knee joint pain + Crackling sound from other jointNail biting++<tension or in stressPL/BD/ 2 weeks
20/11/20Mood -goodNo any mental distress Itching on body in wintersRight wrist crackling sound on jerkLycopodium 200/1D/HS/15 days
11/12/20Mood -goodNo any mental distress Itching on body in winters+ but intensity was low Right wrist crackling sound on jerk- mild Lycopodium 200/1D/HS/7 days

After 11/12/20 patient came in fortnights and has no depressive/ low mood, no mental distress, itching decreased as 80-90% and crackling sound in right wrist is also decreased. 

Authors: Dr. Chandrabhan Sharma (1) , Dr. Swati Upadhyay (2)
Designation & Institute:

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Jaipur.
  2. MD (PGR) Psychiatry, Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Jaipur.
    Corresponding Address:
    Dr. Swati Upadhyay,
    Address: Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

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Dr. Swati Upadhyay

Dr. Swati Upadhyay, MD PGR (Homoeopathy), Department of Psychiatry, Swasthya Kalyan Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Jaipur