ABSTRACT: Leucorrhoea or vaginal discharge is a universal problem of most women.Vaginal discharge is a common presenting symptom seen by Doctors .Vaginal discharge may be physiological or pathological.Women all over the world at some point in their life experience vaginal discharge called Leucorrhoea.It is white or clear,thin or thick, sticky and odourless.Vaginal discharge is the commonest reproductive tract infection among rural women in many community.This article focuses on the causes and diagnosis of vaginal discharge and homoepathic treatment of the most common infective causes.

KEYWORDS – Leucorrhea,Homoeopathy,Vaginal Discharge.

INTRODUCTION – The quantity of vaginal secretions varies throughout the menstrual cycle,peaking at ovulation and also increasing when under emotional stress.Leucorrhoea is a medical condition where women experience thick whitish or yellowish colour discharge from the vagina which is mainly experienced during puberty,when sexual organs are developing in a women.It is a frequent gynaecological complaint of women that accounts for more than 25% patient’s visits to the gynaecologist .It was observe that many females are suffering from Leucorrhoea but they were not aware of the efficacy of homoeopathic system of medicine and were depending on other system of medicine like allopathy etc.

DEFINITION : Leucorrhoea is defined as an excessive normal vaginal discharge.Leucorrhoea means a running of white substance and the term should be restricted to mean an excessive amount of normal vaginal discharge.Normally it contains mucus, epithelial debris ,organisms of various kinds like doderlein’s bacilli.Most secretions are physiological but it is significant if it is blood stained,profuse,foul smelling or with changes in its colour.The symptoms of excessive discharge is a subjective one with individual variation,while to declare it to be normal and not an infective one,requires clinical and laboratory investigation.ssss .It is a common gynaecological problem in womens .


  1. Physiological.

2. Pathological.

  1. PHYSIOLOGICAL: Leucorrhoea is physiological at puberty,during pregnancy,at ovulation,pre menstrual phase of menstrual cycle,during sexual excitement..
  2. PATHOLOGIAL– Vulvo vaginal candidiasis is a common infective cause of vaginal discharge,another is bacterial vaginosis.


  1. Inflammation of uterus.
  2. Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  3. Contraceptives used by women.
  4. Sexually Transmitted Infection.
  5. Infections from Bacteria, Fungior Parasites or Protozoa.
  6. Lack of cleanliness or poor hygienic measures especially during menses.


The physiologic basis involved a in normal vaginal secretion is dependent on the endogenous estrogen level.With the rising estrogen level there is abundant secretory activity of the endocervical glands and the superficial vaginal epithelium becomes rich in glycogen.

The mucoid secretion from the cervical glands is normally in amount .The carbohydrate radical of the glycoprotein mucin is split off and fermented into lactic acid .If however ,the mucus is secreted in excess ,it pours out at the vulva.


Pain and heaviness in lower abdomen.
• Pruritus.
• Anorexia.
• General weakness .
• Backache.
• Persistent and abundant vaginal discharge.
• Change in colour ,consistency and odor. Yellow or green ,thick,milky discharge with a bad
• Malaise.


Highest incidence of vaginal discharge in womens who belongs to low socio economic status .
• History collection.
• Pap smear.
• Physical examination of vaginal region.
• Pelvic examination.
• Cervical culture

Vaginal and Cervix pH is determined . Vaginal pH is 4.5 and it is increased in bacterial
infection and trichomoniasis.


Good Hygiene.
• Excessive douching of the vaginal area should be avoided to maintain the normal flora and
pH balance of vaginal area.
• Drink plenty of water.


Homeopathic remedies are helpful in treating the case of Leucorrhoea Basically constitutional remedy effects more and some are therapeutically based.

There are so many homoeopathic medicines which can be useful in Leucorrhoea..

Few of them are-

KREOSOTUM : Profuse watery,sometimes a yellowish leucorrhoea.Acridity is marked ,it causes excoriating of the parts which come in contact with it and causes soreness and smarting and red spots and itching on the vulva.Leucorrhoea with great debility.

SEPIAL : eucorrhoea yellowish green colour ,somewhat offensive and often excoriating.It is milky ,worse before menses.Pain in abdomen and itching in vagina.The patient has a sallow ,pimply face and it is most suitable to those of dark complexion who are feeble and debilitated and who have a sensation of emptiness at the pit of the stomach.Mentally patient is very anxious about family and her children,or may be indifferent to them.Leucorrhoea with backache.

BORAX: Clear,copious and albuminous leucoohoea.Leucorrhoea with sensation as warm water is flowing.Leucorrhoea midway between menses with great nervousness.White and starch,perfectly bland without pain.Menses too profuse,too soon with nausea.

• SILICEA – Leucorrhoea,which flows when urinating,or after the menses.Leucorrhoea,like milk,flowing at intervals,and preceded by gripings in umbilical region.Acrid,corrosive leucorrhoea. Constipation before and during the menses,of hard lumps which remain long in the rectum,as if it had no power to expel them.


Milky leucorrhoea which becomes water ,acrid from being retained in the vagina.Thick,creamy,white leucorrhoea sometimes replacing menses.Disposition to lie down and dullness very marked.Mild yielding female with irritability due to disease.Desire for fatty rich food which aggravate.Patients feels better when telling her complaints.


Tenacious,thick,ropy leucorrhoea with erosion of the cervix,a mucus leucorrhoea which is profuse and debilitating corresponds to hydrastis .


A yellow, ropy,stringy leucorrhoea.It is suitable to fat ,light haired persons.


Chronic catarrh of vagina with granulation with copious leucorrhoea.Bloody leucorrhoea suppressed catamenia with very offensive smelling leucorrhoea.Leucorrhoea itching,yellowish,fetid,and thick ,like starch.

CONCLUSION – Homoeopathy has a wonderful role in treatment of leucorrhoea in compare to other conventional treatment.Researches show that homoeopathic remedies have more benefits to the females suffering from Leucorrhea.Homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole,taking note of causative factors,sign and symptoms and framing a totality of symptoms for the individualisation purpose,which in turn helps in selection of similimum.Homoeopathy offers a complete ,gentle and permanent cure in case of leucorrhoea. Homoeopathy by addressing all aspects of the individual and there complete set of symptoms throw the constitutional and holistic approach ,is superior to all method of treatment.


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