United to Heal- Online Homeopathic Congress- Experience with Us the Homeopathic and Naturopathic Anti-Aging Ways for Body, Mind and Soul- Join for Free

United to Heal- Online Homeopathic Congress- Experience with Us the Homeopathic and Naturopathic Anti-Aging Ways for Body, Mind and Soul- Join for Free

Text modules to promote our congress:

United to Heal has once again put on a jam-packed with knowledge homeopathy online congress. 

The free online congress

“Ageing with dignity – being healthy into old age”.

Homeopathic and naturopathic Anti-Aging for body, mind and soul

                                   takes place from 11.11.2022 to 23.11.2022.              

There will be 4 -5 interviews released daily, from a total of about 50 top-notch homeopaths, world-renowned doctors and inspirational people.

In this congress we will give you even more homeopathic expertise, precise instructions for immediate implementation, new and important remedies also again in written form to the hand. For the 11th time we will inspire you and touch you with surprising interviews.

Our popular homeopaths and new speakers will take you on an exciting journey.

Do you also want to grow old healthily and strengthen and accompany your parents and friends homeopathically in the cycle of life? Learn from us how you can homeopathically dissolve and accompany fears of loneliness, poverty in old age, death and trauma. You will receive healthy and healing beliefs about old age, which will strengthen you. Learn how to treat anxiety and depression and how you too can stay agile and regain your creative power.

A spectacular congress on the ravages of time, with heart and full commitment, offering homeopathy its place as one of the most important and valuable remedies!

The English interviews will again be shown bilingually. In addition, you can look forward to exciting and helpful bonus material, such as studies, instructions for taking the remedies, meditation, entire interviews are summarized in writing and much more. 

We can only keep homeopathy and naturopathy together in our society. Help and share the congress with all your loved ones!

Ageing with dignity – Being healthy into old age

Free online congress from 11.11.- 23.11.2022.

Registration here: https://unitedtoheal.com

We sincerely appreciate your participation and sharing with the world. Together we can carry the message of peace! Thank you! 



Dr Dinesh Chauhan – 11/11/2022 from 08:00

Thomas Stapper – 11.11.2022 from 08:00

Ann Kruttschnitt – 11/11/2022 from 08:00

Inga Maria Stalljann – 11.11.2022 from 08:00


Carola Lage-Roy & Ravi Roy – 12.11.2022 from 08:00

Annette Groever – 12.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Lulit & DI Mabon Wunder – 12.11.2022 from 08:00

Joette Calabrese – 12.11.2022 from 08:00

René Gräber – 12.11.2022 from 08:00


Michael Antoni – 13.11.2022 from 08:00

Kurt Tepperwein & Nada – 13.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Karl-Heinz Gebhardt – 13.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr Steven Cartwright – 11/13/2022 from 08:00


Heinz Huber

Dr medical vet Caroline Kretzdorn

Dr Joe Rozencwajg

Ralph Blume


Florian Schimmitat – 15.11.2022 from 08:00

Sigrid Lindemann – 15.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Angelika Czimmek & Uwe Czimmek – 15.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Klaus Hör – 15.11.2022 from 08:00


Dr medical vet Michaela Gambs – 16.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr Jasmin Fuhr, MD, PhD – 11/16/2022 from 08:00

Manfred Braig – 16.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Franziska Rubin – 16.11.2022 from 08:00


Dr medical Wolf Bergmann – 17.11.2022 from 08:00

Prof. Dr. Jorgos Kavouras – 17.11.2022 from 08:00

Perin Dinekli – 17.11.2022 from 08:00

PD dr medical Michael Nehls – 17.11.2022 from 08:00


Dr medical Philipp Lehrke Part 1 & 2 – 18.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Gudrun Hasler – 18.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr Michal Yakir, PhD RCHom – 11/18/2022 from 08:00

Dr Joachim F. Graetz – 18.11.2022 from 08:00


Mike Keszler – 19.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical Heinrich Zeeden – 19.11.2022 from 08:00

Nathanael Schwartz – 19.11.2022 from 08:00

Prof. Dr. Kavita Chandak, MD,PHD – 11/19/2022 from 08:00

Jerry Kantor – 19.11.2022 from 08:00


Dr Issac Mathai – 11/20/2022 from 08:00

Dr Raj Manchanda – 11/20/2022 from 08:00

Roland Liebscher-Bracht – 20.11.2022 from 08:00

Dr medical univ. Susanne Diez – 20.11.2022 from 08:00

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