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Treatment of Black Fungus or Mucormycosis with Homeopathy

What is the Bach Remedy/Homoeopathy medicine for the present day Black fungus or Mucormycosis?

In an interview in Polymer Tamil TV channel an allopathic doctor described that the Black fungus starts as a reddish spot on left cheek and then the left eye and nose get swollen, with coryza, followed by bleeding etc.  If what he had stated is correct, then I can easily show the reader the correct homoeo/Dr. Bach reedy for black fungus.

Anyone (without any previous knowledge or experience  of homoeopathy) can select the correct remedy and thus cure at least seven out of every ten patients seen by him, with the use of one homoeopathy reference book alone viz., HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTCS by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, M.D. of U.S.A.  [It is altogether a sorry state of affairs  that most homoeopathy practitioners as well homoeopathy-teaching professionals either have no knowledge of Lilienthal or a handful of those having a copy of this valuable reference book, have never used nor know how to use Lilienthal.]

According to allopathic doctors in hospitals, the following symptoms are found in the present day Mucormycosis victims:

Pustular conjunctivitis . . . fistula lachrymalis discharging pus when pressed; frequent rubbing of eyes for relief.

Nosebleed, blood partly fluid and partly clotted, intermitting in intensity . . .

On page 809 and 398 in Lilienthal’s HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS, we find the above symptoms, inter alia, under the remedy Pulsatilla (in the chapter Opthalmia and other affections of Eye and another chapter Epistaxis, Nosebleed.)

Drop the symptom in Lilienthal and you get the remedy!

Be that as it may.

The cardinal symptom of the homoeo remedy Pulsatilla are:  ‘congestion to single part’ and ‘complaints appears on one-half of the body.’  (Hering’s GUIDING SYMPTOMS—10 VOLUMES and Oscar E. Boericke’s REPERTORY) Combining this with the above extracts from Lilienthal, even a novice can certainly say that Pulsatilla-1000X, two pills given for a dose, once only, would give total success for the victims of Black fungus—Rate of success : 90%.  No need to repeat at all.  One single dose is enough.   

Go to a nearby homoeo store and do not ask orally.  Write on paper as under, and hand over the slip to the shopkeeper.

5 ML pills


[5ML contains about one hundred pills.  Two pills are given for a dose, once only.  About fifty persons can take this.  No diet restrictions.  Can be taken any time.  Pregnant women, children, persons taking other treatment/drugs, all can take.  If you are not getting Pulsatilla-1000x locally, you may get it from me by post by sending Rs.500 by money order or bank transfer.

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Nevertheless, coming to Dr. Bach remedies, some of the symptoms in the Dr. Bach remedy Elm are given below:

  1. Escape of fluid from one part to another—Hydrocele, hydrocephalus, glaucoma etc…(Mucormycosis patients have coryza, then discharge of altered color discharges, bleeding.)  For frequent catching cold, it is Aspen.  However, perennial coryza or any fatal discharge from nose is Elm.
  •  In our books and notes, we have repeatedly said that for bleeding from external parts after an accident, the remedy is, of course, Rock Rose. Elm is for internal haemorhage.

Therefore, Dr. Bach remedy Elm may be given three doses only (every 30-60 minutes) for Mucormycosis or Black fungus/Black fungus.

ELM, 10ML PACK OF ABOUT 250 PILLS can be had from me by sending Rs.500=00

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