Treatment for Emotional Pain and Depression with Homoeopathy

Treatment For Emotional Pain, Depression And Homoeopathy

The concept that pain is emotional as well as physical is an unfamiliar one to many –except those who experience it . Emotional trauma can produce depression and anxiety and can in severe cases lead to physical pain .

Psychological distress , such as grief over the loss of a loved one , or feelings of rejection , can lead to depression . In extreme cases this may lead to physical pain , as the areas of the brain that deal with emotional suffering are the same as those that deal with physical pain .


If you know you are experiencing emotional pain or distress but do not know why or how badly , try the self assessment . Evidence shows that the more people know about the causes of their mental and emotional pain or depression , the more likely they are to overcome it successfully . This self assessment devised by a doctor , will help you assess your frame of mind , if you are depressed , you can start to do some thing effective about it , rank the following 10 categories from oto4 using your own assessment of how severe each emotion is for you .

  1. depressed mood                                             6.disturbed sleep
  2. feelings of guilt                                              7.loss of sexual desire
  3. suicide feelings                                              8.loss of appetite
  4. concentration and memory problems .      9.feelings of anxiety
  5. feelings of lassitude                                      10.symptoms of anxiety .


vitamin and mineral deficiencies  may exacerbate some types of depression , because chemical imbalances in the body can affect hormone levels and hormones ply a major part in mood . finding out if this is a factor needs the help of a specialist who will need to carry out careful tests , eating a healthy diet and taking a good multivitamin food supplement containing a broad spectrum of nutrients can be beneficial . The supplement should include vitamins A,B –complex , C and E ; the minerals zinc , calcium , selenium , magnesium and potassium ; and a complex of amino acids .

CREATIVE ARTS THERAPIES :  this therapy encourages emotional expression in a non verbal way . Many who are unable to find relief through talking , perhaps because they are self conscious , find this therapy very helpful .

VISUALIZATION : the power of the mind can be utilized utilized to help the physical body through positive visulization , to relieve depression , try to find an image that symbolizes your depression , then visualize banishing it . continue to use your image until your mind is in control of the pain , and not the other way round . the more often you repeat the process , the strong will be your concentration on your goal and the great your chance of achieving it .

HERBAL MEDICINE : hypericum ( St. John’s work ) , valerian , rosemary , lavender and lemon balm are said to be effective against depression , particularly mild depression from tension , anxiety and insomnia . hypericum is now widely available since research has proved its effectiveness –but necessary to take the recommended dose regularly for up to a month for best results .

TRETMENT APPROACHES TO EMOTIONAL PAIN : Effective therapies for emotional pain include both physical and psychological approaches , as well as some of the so called energy therapies . Self help is possible if the cause of the pain is obvious and the sufferer is confidant or willing to treat him or herself . knowing or suspecting what is behind the pain is important because if the cause is unknown , effective treatment is difficult , if not possible .

Professional help is necessary if the cause of the pain is unidentifiable , if it is so severe that the sufferer is unable or unwilling to try self-help ; or if special guidance is necessary for the treatment to be effective , therapies with the best record for helping to ease emotional pain are listed

SELF-HELP : physical exercise ; massage , aromatherapy , reflexology .

Psychological : meditation , visualization , self hypnosis , biofeedback .

Energy therapies , batchflower remedies

SELF HELP WITH GUIDANCE :  Physical ; nutrition and dietary therapies , herbal medicine , movement therapies , yoga , light and color therapies , flotation therapies

Psychological ; creative arts therapies ( music , art , dance , drama ) energy therapies , homoeopathy .

Practitioner treatment : psychological ; counseling , psychotherapy , hypnotherapy / hypnosis .

Treatments for emotional pain : meditation :-not only can meditation help calm a mind in turmoil but it can also allow the person meditating to see the world in a wider , less personal way .when experiencing mental anguish it is easy to believe that you have been singled out for bad luck , during meditation , students are taught to focus outside themselves , which can be a great relief for those who internalize their feelings or find that they are unable to stop fretting about their emotional problems

HEALING : The application of a healing force from outside your self requires the services of a” healer “to be effective , finding someone with this gift for helping people is easier in some countries than others .

Personal recommendation is usually the best way to find a genuine healer , as there is no regulatory body .

EXERCISE ; any form of exercise –especially if it is energetic and distracting can help with most types of mental and emotional pain , running , walking , climbing , swimming and cycling are all excellent ways of using exercise to help with psychological pain because they prevent the mind and emotions from taking control . also as well as promoting the optional functioning of the heart and lungs which is essential for health , physical exercise triggers the release of endorphins , the so called pleasure hormones , which reduce psychological and physical pain , exercising at the first sign of the onset of mild depression can often stop it in its tracks and it helps strengthen the body against other illnesses that depression can trigger or aggravate .

MASSAGE : Like exercise , massaging –preferably , being massaged –is a wonderful de-stressor and psychological pain reliever , especially if used with essential oils , there are recognized technique of massage .

Foot massage is an ideal way to relieve the tension that may be contributing to mental distress , which professional therapists have to learn , but it possible to improvise for a home massage using firm , flowing stroke and doing what you or your partner likes can be relaxing and distract from emotional pain .

BODY WORK THERAPIES : Techniques such as rolfing , heller work and the trager approach can all help , but they need to be administered by a qualified practitioner .


There are hundreds of homoeopathic remedies for every possible type of psychological pain , many of which are linked to physical pain . the need for individual assessment is so vital that it is best to see a professional .

Self help becomes more appropriate once the right remedy pattern has been established by a specialist , however you may like to try some of the products available . self help becomes more appropriate once the right remedy pattern has been established by a specialist , however you may like to try some of the products available widely from pharmacies to treat temporarily , minor emotional upsets .

EMOTIONAL CHARACTERSTICS : Hides anxiety , restless , avoids arguments , unexplained apprehension , fear from dreams , tired and nervy , critical , dissatisfied , intolerant , always finding fault , timid , anxious to please submissive , distress of self , easily led astray , desperation , obsessive fear , failing to learn from experience , possessive , attention seeking , day dreaming , absent minded , drowsy feeling unclean, self disgust , tending to overemphasize small problems , occasional feelings of inadequacy , overwhelmed by responsibility .

Easily discouraged , sense of doubt , despondency , negativity , despair hopelessness , resignation , self centered , hungry for attention , anger ,jealously , hatred , revenge nostalgic , homesick , living on memories , fatigue , lassitude , irritability , impatience , dislike of constraint , lack of confidence , expecting failure , despondency , fear of physical things , timidity , nervousness , intense depression from unknown cause , periodic affliction , preserving obstinate , strong , uncomplaining , mental or physical exhaustion , self reproach , guilt apologetic worry for others , imagining the worst , sudden alarm , terror , panic , self denial , repression , perfectionism , indecisive , unstable , unreliable , grief , shock , distress


Believed that the causes of illness were negative , emotional states such as sorrow and fear , homoeopathic remedies which help relieve feelings such as anxiety , grief and irritation .

Homoeopathic remedies can be taken without professional advise , they are made from flower extracts , very dilute and taken a couple of drops at a time . each remedy represents an emotional state and you can select a remedy , think of the type of person you are , for example if you lack of confidence , choose medicines then look at how you feel now , if for ex- you have just moved to a new town and are feeling unsettled , you could add honey suckle and walnut . do not worry if you make the wrong choice – if a remedy is not needed it will have no effect .

Medicines : mental restlessness with great fear , especially of death , worst between midnight and 3 am , may feel suicidal and want to refuse treatment that is felt to be useless —arsenicum album

Feelings of unworthiness , but quarrelsome , contradictory and over sensitive to noise , moans in sleep and may wake at 4 am , then only able to catnap –aurum met.

Sad and hopeless , the slightest comment causes weeping and the slightest criticism leads to anger . Mental exhaustion with frequent and rapid mood changes , feels that will never again be able to sleep properly . depression follows grief , loss of sleep and sudden emotional situations , nervous and sensitive , easily exited and easily offended . full of contradictions such as laughing at sad news —-ignatia

Needs a lot of sympathy , restless , especially at night , and often gets up to wander around the house , sad and cries easily , especially when feeding the baby . A tendency to burst into tears when talking about own problems , but the sadness quickly passes when consoled , changeable , contradictory mood , feels much better outdoors and when moving about gently , may shiver easily even though dislikes the heat . A preference for cold food and a lack of thirst despite a dry mouth –pulsatilla

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