The Rhododendron Conflict- Snow Rose

The Rhododendron Conflict- Snow Rose

Introduction – In Greek, the word “rodon” means “rose,” and the word “dendron” means “tree”. A few species have woody growth and red blooms. 

It is the State tree of Uttarakhand in India and The National flower of Nepal. It represents wealth and prosperity.PSEUDOCHRYSANTHUM Rhododendron Larger Species Rhododendrons

  • Common name – Snow rose: A short shrub found in cool areas of North-eastern Asia that is occasionally grown for its pale-yellow flowers.
  • Family – Ericaeae.
  • Preparation– Mother tincture is prepared from fresh leaves.
  • Prover – Seidel,Wahle, Harzog, Helbig andothers.
  • Toxin–Grayanotoxin, also known as Andromedotoxin, Rhodotoxin, or Mad Honey Poisoning, acts on muscarinic receptors and sodium ion channels, causing respiratory depression and heart problems. Extended activation of sodium channels causes depolarization of cells, which in turn causes overstimulation of the central nervous system. Effects on the heart, nausea, vomiting, altered state of consciousness, etc. that appear after a few minutes to about three hours.
  • Miasm – Psora. 
  • Diathesis – Rheumatic and Gouty.
  • Temperament – Nervous     
  • Thermals– Chilly.
  • Sphere of action – Fibrous tissues, Bones, Genitals, Nerves, Vascular system.
  • Sides– Affects both sides – predominantly Right sided.
  • Constitution– Nervous, Susceptible to electric storms, thunder (Foretells), Change of weather, Cold, windy weather.
  • Mind
  1. Ailments from– Death (parents/ friends/ father), Scorn by father, Wine (stupefaction), Dipsomania, Embarrassment, Excitement, Grief, Mortification, Anxiety
  2. The Rhododendron conflict– 
  3. Female – male: Girls were not treated with the same respect as boys and were instead given more importance. It’s a serious injustice that makes a girl feel outraged and angry. I wanted to be like a boy. 

As Earth is Feminine and Sky is Masculine, there would be quarrels between her parents and attacks by father. Girl feels she has to protect her mother, but often has to admit father is right, likewise sensitivity to male energies discharged on her by lightning and winds of thunderstorm.

  1. Lack of paternal support: Father gives encouragement and recognition. However, as a result of single mother, father who left home to pursue their career / married another woman (there is no communication with him). Father might disregard his son, when son represents some of father’s weaknesses also. Son who is close to mother might feel bad of becoming a Man, as father betrayed mother and her expectations. Therefore, his Masculine organ shows the conflict (testes), the Joints, Extremities, used for movement (towards/away – lower limbs, give/take – upper limbs) are weakened.   
  • Particulars – 
  1. Ailments fromStormy weather, Thunder, Sprains, eating fruit, getting wet, Catching cold.
  2. Head – Headache < Early morning, Wine, Wind, Wet weather, > Eating. Hair stands up as if electrified. Vertigo With Tinnitus< Lying in bed, > Moving.
  3. Eyes – Ciliary neuralgia<before storm. Sensation of heat, red hot needles darting from within out, Muscular asthenopia.
  4. Ears – Tinnitus with vertigo, Deafness long after rising, hearing better in morning, noises come after few hours, Loud sound re-echo long in ears. Sometimes pain only limited to right ear.
  5. NoseAlternate nostril obstruction>Open air, Diminished smell, Fluent coryza.
  6. Throat – Scraping sensation, as if lined with mucus. Constriction and burning.
  7. Mouth – Toothache <damp weather, before storm, >eating, warmth. Gums swollen.
  8. Face–Trigeminal neuralgia from temple to lower jaw & chin>eating, warmth.
  9. Chest – Violent pleuritic pians running down left anterior chest – breathless & speechless. Stitches in spleen from fast walking. Crampy pain under short ribs. Strong heartbeat.
  10. Abdomen Diarrhoea from fruits, doesn’t weaken. Difficulty even for soft stools. Stomach feels full after little food. Heavy pressure from cold drinks causing green bitter vomiting. Colic at navel. Flatus felt at back, pain from rectum to genitals.
  11. Urinary – Frequent urging. Pain in urethra as from subcutaneous ulceration. Urine – profuse, foul, greenish.
  12. Extremities – Rheumatism of hot weather<right side, rest, stormy weather, sitting on cold stone >continued motion. Periosteal affection of long bones. Pain in spots, reappear by change of weather. Hand feels warm in cold weather, feet cold. Gouty inflammation – 1st great toe. Cannot sleep unless legs are crossed.
  13. Male genitaliaHydrocoele of boys from birth. Drawing from spermatic cord into abdomen and thighs. Orchitis, feels crushed. Left testicle swollen painful, drawn up.
  14. Female genitalia -Suppressed menses. Serous cysts of vagina. Burning in uterine region alternate with pain in limbs after childbirth. Fever with headache with each menstrual period
  • AggravationMidsummer, Wine, Rest, Standing, beginning to move.
  • AmeliorationSun, Continued motion, Wrapping head warmly.
  • ClinicalAmenorrhea. Arthritis. Asthenopia. Bone, pains. Bunions. Chorea. Ciliary neuralgia. Coryza. Delirium. Diarrhea. Diphtheria. Earache. Eye disorders. Fever. Flatulence incarcerated. Gums, itching. Hydrocele. Lientery. Lumbago. Memory, weak. Neuralgia. Nightmare. Nosebleeds. Ovary, cyst. Rheumatism. Spleen, pain. Sprains. Stiff-neck. Testes disorders. Tinnitus. Toothache. Vagina, cysts. Wrists, pains.
  • Related to – Rhus tox
  • Comparision

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