The Month of March Celebrated As Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 2022

The Month of March Celebrated As Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month


National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is held in March every year, when healthcare providers educate their community about the diseases of colon and rectum in order to promote awareness of the importance of colorectal cancer screening, prevention, and treatment. Colorectal cancer, cancer starting in the colon or the rectum, is the third most common cancer in men and the second most common cancer in women, after breast cancer. It’s the second most common cause of deaths due to cancer worldwide, causing almost 1 million deaths. Most colorectal cancers start as a growth on the inner lining of the colon or rectum.

The risk factors of colorectal cancer includes Obesity, Lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, Physical inactivity, Ageing, Smoking, Alcohol abuse, Family history, History of colorectal polyps, colorectal cancer, IBD, Diet high in red meats (such as beef, pork, lamb, or liver) and processed meats (like hot dogs and some luncheon meats), etc.

One can reduce your risk of developing colorectal cancer by adopting healthier lifestyle habits like increased intake of fruit and vegetables, less meat, particularly processed meat, higher levels of physical activity such as walking or cycling to work or climbing the stairs instead of using the lift, quitting smoking and reducing or avoiding alcohol consumption. This will help to improve general overall health as well, and reduce the risk of many other diseases, not just colorectal cancer.

The Necessity of the Hour:

  • Screening
  • High-quality care
  • Clinical trials
  • Precision medicine
  • Supportive communities

This March, let’s join together in sharing awareness about screening of colorectal cancer, and it’s care as well as cure. 

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