The Homeopathy Therapeutics of Diarrhoea (BELL’S DIARRHOEA) by James Bachelder Bell (JB Bell)

The Homeopathy Therapeutics of Diarrhoea (BELL’S DIARRHOEA)

About Book

BELL’S DIARRHOEAOne of the clinical repertories based on loose evacuations of the bowels. It was originally prepared for the personal use of the author as time-saving notes. The motive behind the book was not to include all remedies producing diarrhea, but only those remedies which have symptoms regarding;

  • Type of stool.
  • Condition of Aggravation, Amelioration & Causation.

The book is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Remedies with their indications.         

Part 2: Repertory proper

Part 1: 141 Remedies have been dealt in detail concerning the following


  • Type of stool
  • Aggravations
  • Ameliorations
  • Before stool
  • During stool
  • After stool
  • Concomitants
  • During convalescence – given only in few drugs.

Under each of the best-known remedies, some symptoms will be found italicized. These are the symptoms that have been frequently observed & which distinguish that remedy from others. The more of these emphasized symptoms we have under anyone remedy the easier the selection.

Part – 2: Repertory proper.
– It is based on ;

  • The doctrine of complete symptoms.
  • The doctrine of concomitants.
  • The doctrine of evaluation of remedies.
  • 4 Types of gradations are used

The author’s experience had been most satisfied with the use of the twelfth, fifteenth, thirtieth, two hundredths, & often higher potencies of the remedies, administered in water, & repeated every one to six hours according to the urgency of the symptoms, & suspended as soon as the desired improvement appeared.

Special Features:

  1. Handy & very concise.
    2. Contains rubrics related to diarrhoeal diseases with concomitants in one place.
    3.In the first part common indications of remedies in diarrhea are given.
About Author

James Bachelder Bell was born in Monson, Piscataquis County on February 21st, 1838. He completed his course of study in the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1859. Dr. Bell has engaged actively in the practice of medicine, giving preference to surgery. He was examining surgeon for the pension office from 1863 to 1866 and city physician from 1867 to 1868. He published The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhea,” in 1869; and also wrote for various medical journals. He was a member of several medical societies.

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