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The Homeopathic Heritage October Issue – 2022 (Find Here

The Homeopathic Heritage, the ongoing oldest monthly journal in homoeopathy, with the largest circulation nationally as well as internationally. Since 1976 more than a Lakh homeopathic lovers have trusted The Homoeopathic Heritage as the best source for quality information on homoeopathy.

The Homeopathic Heritage Issue October – 2022 (Find Here)

This issue of “The Homoeopathic Heritage” is an attempt to discuss the Iscador therapy in relation to homoeopathic practise through different evidence-based case studies and research papers. The peer reviewed articles include an individualistic homoeopathic approach in a case of simple functional ovarian cyst – a case report, Effect of homoeopathic medicine Natrum muriaticum on general well-being of patients suffering from acne vulgaris, Clinical case papers include articles on attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) management through the spectacle of homoeopathy….

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