The Homeopathic Heritage April Issue - 2023 (Find Here)

The Homeopathic Heritage April Issue – 2023 (Find Here)

This issue of The Homoeopathic Heritage is devoted to ‘Tele-Homoeopathy: Current Scenario and Future Possibilities’. Telemedicine has erased the space and time between a doctor and a patient, making access to healthcare easy, and it is also a promising solution to the increasing burden on the primary healthcare providers of which homeopaths form a part. The physician can assess on call/video which of the patients seeking telecare require urgent care, examination, or referral and do the needful without the patient having to approach primary health care setup and then being referred to the secondary or tertiary tier. This saves time, and energy on both ends making the system far more efficient. As homeopaths, we must update ourselves with the latest developments in the field of medical telecommunication so as to stay at par with our allopathy and ayurveda counterparts. Being well-versed with technology helps us maintain efficiency in our work and stay safe from negligent acts that might land us in judicial hands.


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