Team Homeopathy 360 Pays Tribute To Master Samuel Hahnemann On His Death Anniversary


Team Homeopathy 360 Pays Tribute To Master Samuel Hahnemann On His Death Anniversary “HAIL HAHNEMANN, HAIL HOMEOPATHY’

2nd July 1843, the day when Master Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann left for the heavenly abode, is observed as a special day for the homoeopathic fraternity. Around 179 years ago, on this day, Master Hahnemann left this world leaving his dream and hard work to be imbibed in the coming generations, for the benefit of mankind. 


Birth place – Meissen in Germany

Grandfather – Cristoph Hahnemann

Father – Christian Gottfried Hahnemann

▪Father published a book on water color painting

Father’s first wife – Johanne Eleonore Deerens

Hahnemann’s Mother – Johanna Christiane Speissen

Hahnemann’s birth house – Corner House (Eckhaus) at Meissen

Hahnemann – third child of his mother and Gottfried Hahnemann

Birth date – 10th /11th April 1755 (midnight of 10th April 1755)

▪Baptized into Lutheran faith 3days after birth.

Hahnemann got his primary education from his parents

Schools – Latin Town School & Princesses School at Meissen.

Essay prepared on leaving Princess school – “The Wonderful Construction of Human Hand”

Medical study – at Leipzig University (1775)

Clinical practice – at Vienna at “Brothers of Mercy Hospital” – Dr. Von Quarin was his favorite guide there.

Hahnemann then worked as the family physician and librarian of Mr. Brukenthal (Governor of Transylvania)

Hahnemann got his M.D degree from Erlangen

M.D thesis – “A Summary of the Conditions of Cramp According to Cause and Cure”

Hahnemann began his practice at – Hettstedt

First marriage – 17th November 1782 – Henriette Kuchler adopted daughter of Mr. Haseler (apothecary)

Hahnemann fondly called his wife – Alice

1790 – Translation of Cullen’s Materia Medica (2 vols)

First mental patient treated by Hahnemann – Klockenbring Nursing home for mental patients was started at – Gotha.

Works of Hahnemann known as the foundations of Homoeopathy – “Essay on New Principle for the Curative Powers of Drugs and Some Examination of the Previous Principles” and “ Are the Obstacles to the Attainment of Simplicity and Certainty in Practical Medicine Insurmountable”

Hahnemann’s preventive for scarlet fever – Belladona(1801)

50th year since the conferment of M.D to Hahnemann – 10th August 1929 – Lesser Writing was published.

Second marriage – 32-year-old Madame Melanie D’Hervilly – 18th January 1835

Hahnemann died on 2nd July 1843 at 5 a.m

First buried in Montmartre cemetery of Paris

Reburied at – Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Let us altogether pay homage to the Master and commit to  follow the true teachings of this noble soul who dedicated his life to discover the hidden truth, a truth which is scientific, artistic and based upon infallible laws of nature, i.e. “Homoeopathy”.

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