Sycosis A Chronic Miasm “Miasm of In-Coordination” - Hahnemanian View Point On Chronic Miasm

Sycosis A Chronic Miasm “Miasm of In-Coordination” – Hahnemanian View Point On Chronic Miasm


BACKGROUND:  The main aim of this article is to understand Sycotic miasm in detail as explained by Dr Hahnemann and to utilize it during clinical practice to understand the miasmatic background and treat accordingly & provide Homoeopathicity to the needy.

KEYWORDS: Homoeopathy, Sycosis, Miasm, Chronic disease, Literature.


To practice Homoeopathy, we need to first understand the basics of our system & know that how unique our system is when compared to other system of medicines, the most unique feature is that the concept of miasm. There are various controversies when comes to this concept like what it is , how it evolved etc. Samuel Hahnemann in the sixth edition of organon, spoke about the condylomatous disease that is nothing but the Sycosis. This article helps us to understand the concept of chronic miasm Sycosis according to Dr Hahnemann’s perception.


It is a Chronic miasm which is Ineradicable by the vital force without proper medical treatment. Hahnemann says that after destruction of growth upon skin the dyscrasia persists. It usually appears as a Cauliflower like growth in genitals. This is the miasma which has produced smallest number of chronic diseases & its manifestations are seen only from time to time. Most portion of the chronic disease book written by Hahnemann had lots of information regarding about the miasm Psora as he mentions it as mother of all Miasms an Hydra headed monster. The literature available about sycosis is minimal when compared to psora. Sycosis is explained with the examples of Warts, he says that Fig warts are local substitutes for the internal disease. Associated with gonorrhea & the best indicated remedy internal use of Thuja alternating with small doses of Nitric acid will be very much beneficial for the patient.


Firstly let us know about the Mode of Infection: it is mainly because of Impure coition: “To effect the infection it requires a certain amount of friction in the most tender parts of the body (sexual organs), which are most rich in nerves and covered with thinnest cuticle” after this the Infection occurs in genital organs, especially at the wounded spot. When this happens, Whole body will receive the miasm in dynamic manner but there will be no morbid signs for few days & Primary manifestations appear in the place first affected.

At this time there will be thick pus like discharge from urethra, difficulties while voiding urine, Hard swollen body of penis, with black granular tubercles that are painful to touch. There will be Dry, wart like, spongy growth emitting fetid fluid, sweetish like herring brine, bleeding easily in the form of cauliflower like growth can occur but when its suppressed by other treatment such as cauterization, burning, cutting or by ligature, the nature produces still more growths thus will be appearance of the secondary manifestations of sycosis which also attributed to suppressed gonorrhea & thus this formative miasm as it produces overgrowths also called “miasm of in-coordination”


  • Overgrowth of tissues all over
  • Fibro-muscular affections
  • Rheumatism conditions with slowness to recovery.
  • Tumors, warts with Gouty diathesis
  • In coordination of mind and body


  • Mean minded individuals filled with Suspicious and jealous
  • Person with fixed ideas as well as Anger with very destructive violence & Quarrelsome
  • Keeps everything a secret with Criminal insanity & Mischievous
  • Recent memory lost
  • Commits suicide on planning but there will lot of attempts with hesitations.
  • In frightening situation doesn’t want to face it just runs.
  • Lives on fun, drugs, gambling, robbery with lot of love to money but “Short lived”
  • When it comes to Sycotic baby, baby is good only on sleeping, cries all day sleeps at night. Sleeps on hands and knees with face buried in pillow.
  • As a teenager he looks out for outrageous thrills, dangerous risky behaviour & Do silly things to get attention.


  • Craves for beer, more nuts, beans, cheese, salt Cold and hot food, Coconut and beetle nut
  • Aversion to Meat and milk



  • < Rest, rain, cold, damp weather.


  • Movement, lying on abdomen, dry weather, return of suppressed pathological discharges.


We must understand that Sycotic manifestations are characterized by slowness in recovery, understanding sycosis in detail helps us not only to understand Homoeopathy but also to give justice to patient while treating the chronic diseases. The Sycotic miasm when treated and identified early will help us to get better prognosis of the patient as we will be aware of selecting the suitable Antimiasmatic remedy as per the requirement of the case. Thus, this article shall hell us to understand the Sycotic miasm in depth as per Dr Samuel Hahnemann.


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Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine (Gold Medalist), Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College. Consultant Homoeopathic Physician at Dr Padiyar’s Homoeopathic Clinic Mangalore.

Dr Shreya. N. Padiyar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine, Consultant Homoeopathic Physician at Dr Padiyar’s Homoeopathic Clinic Mangalore.

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