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Success Mantra for Successful Homeopathic Prescribing: Mr. V Krishnamurthy

Mr. V Krishnamurthy

Success Mantra for Successful Homeopathic Prescribing: Mr. V Krishnamurthy

The book is an exact and accurate guide for the prescribers. The work is the compilation of the experience of the author which provides the reader a practical approach. The book enlightens the effect of Homeopathy in various diseased conditions such as diabetes, gout, sterility, etc. The teaching of the author are exact and accurate; he writes in down to the earth language and in a matter-of-fact way. This book builds a bridge between the theoretical knowledge and the real experience of a senior homoeopath – a real support to new generation doctors and practitioners – how to infuse theory into practice.

The subject of Homeopathic practice has been enveloped into clouds of my mysterious obscurities when it comes to prescribing; so the book provides a clear cut idea in the field of the practice of the healing art of Homeopathy. This work of Dr Krishnaamurthy is a compilation of his experience which provides the readers a practical approach towards homeopathy.

There are four sections in this book

1. Overview on current trend in homoeopathy

2. Practical tools

3. Case presentations

4. Materia medica of valuable and uncommon mind symptoms.


– The author has given some good examples on how to convert the patients’ symptoms into the language of the repertory – in the chapter Use of repertories.

– A detailed chapter on – how to cure epidemics with a single dose of homoeopathic remedies – that beautifully highlights the sure shot examples of cured cases in recent epidemics with single dose of high potency remedies. The same chapter gives the specific remedies for specific epidemics since the time of Hahnemann.

-Sections 2 give practical tips on Mind symptoms, auto immune disorders, cancer, diabetes to various diseases that we encounter in day to day practice. This section also highlights some useful rubrics from the mind section.

This book by Krishnamurthy is a real support to new generation homoeopaths and practitioners.

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