Case Management in Homeopathy Medicine- the landscape of homeopathic medicine - vol 3 - Dr. Alastair C Gray

Case Management in Homeopathy Medicine- the landscape of homeopathic medicine – vol 3 – Dr. Alastair C Gray

This book covers more of the glorious landscape of homeopathic medicine in leaps and bounds. Gray discusses his own practice audit experience and how valuable it was for him. He was surprised to find that 93% of his patients were consulting other health care practitioners as well as himself. He uses this information to think about the gap between how homeopathy is taught (as a stand-alone modality) and how patients are increasingly using us (as part of a healing team), between his goals and expectations (for cure) and his patients’ (for pain relief).

Case Management in Homeopathy Medicine – In this book Alastair Gray critically examines how to manage clinical situations and people. Gray examines case management from a historical perspective combing through the wise counsel of our philosophical giants from Hahnemann, Kent and Close to Vithoulkas, Sherr and Little. He thinks them through using the realities of his own homeopathic practice as a benchmark, to evaluate and re-evaluate each aphorism, each principle.

Case Management in Homeopathy Medicine – The book explores the instructions from the giants of our profession to maximize the results of our work; how to manage our cases well and expertly to optimize results. This is therefore a book about being able to identify what has happened due to the remedy and consultation, and make clear decisions about what to do next. It is an aspect of practice that is so important in accurate prescribing and doing it well ensures busy, thriving practice. ‘Gray brings clarity, logic and a deeper understanding to this whole subject while explaining a road map for reflecting on case management issues giving coherent ways to think and make decisions.

Case Management in Homeopathy Medicine – He talks about many difficult aspects of case management. In so doing he encourages flexibility in thinking and practice – encouraging the reader to think homeopathically and rigorously. There’s food for thought for all including students, practitioners, educators and researchers. Gray’s easy writing style, his unabashed honesty in describing his own challenges, his straightforward sharing of his experiences and inner processes – these all contribute to an unusually enjoyable reading and learning experience.

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