skin problems types, symptoms, causes and treatment with homeopathic medicine

Skin Problems Cured by Homoeopathy

The skin is the largest organ of the body, accounting for a sixth of body weight. In addition to providing a waterproof cover, the skin protects the body against infection and contains nerve endings that warn the body against infection that contains nerve endings that warm the body to withdraw from other physical dangers such as excessive heat, some protection against harmful effects of sun light is provided by melanin which is made of the skin causing it to darken however some exposure to sunlight is beneficial 

Except for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, the skin beard hairs, each hair grows out a tiny pit (follicle ) which occasionally becomes infected causing a boil 

The skin also contains small glands, some of these produce a greasy substance called sebum, which keeps the skin supple and waterproof but may sometimes be produced to excess, seborrheic dermatitis and acne occur more frequently if the skin is greasy, if opening of some of these glands becomes blocked, the sebum accumulates and forms a sebaceous cyst. This cyst is usually painless unless it becomes infected. Surgical removal under local anesthetic may be needed if a cyst grows too large 

Other glands produce sweat. Sweating is one of the ways in which the body regulates its temperature and removes certain waste products. Regular exercise enhances the process 

The outer layer of the skin is continually being worn away and replaced by division of the underlying cells. Because this is the active process the health of the skin conditions can be improved with mineral and vitamin supplementation. Individual advice may be needed, but following the healthy diet guidelines will certainly help to promote a healthy skin.

Acne, Boils and Pimples:

These types of skin conditions are very common in adolescents, but they persist in adult life. The eruptions are found mainly on the face. Neck and upper chest back and are caused by inflammation of the small sebaceous glands which open into hair follicles. The glands become blocked and the typical acne rash develops infection may occur in some of the spots and these are then likely to feel sore. Boils are inflammatory conditions surrounding a hair adolescents frequently have a greasy skin due to bodily hormone changes, it is essential to wash the rash area frequently and thoroughly with soap and hot water to degrease it a little. Eating fewer carbohydrates and high fat foods, such as potato crisps, French fries, chocolate and drinking more water are sensible precautions, although not accepted as such by all dermatologists.

Symptoms and Medicines: 

  • Many pimples appear on the face, some of which may become small boils- Antimonium crudum                                                     
  • Frequent indigestion and then tongue becomes coated and white –Antimonium crudum
  • Best suited if overweight, thirsty and dislike being touched and looked at –  Antimonium crudum 
  • Crops of boils appear anywhere on the body- Arnica montana 
  • Boils are sore at first before the pus forms- Arnica montana 
  • Boils appear which comes only partially to head- Arnica montana
  • Skin becomes very rough and sore with persistent acne- Berberis vulgaris
  • Complexion is pale and earthy- Berbris vulgaris 
  • Recurrent boils and carbuncles- Echinacea 
  • Throbbing and pricking pains- Hephar sulpharis
  • Discharge of pus from infected skin- Hephar sulpharis 
  • Bluish red pustules on the face, neck  and shoulders which leave unsightly scars Kali brom
  • Red pimply eruptions on the forehead and cheeks with sting when touched   –Ledum pal 
  • Generally sensitive to cold- Ledum pal
  • For girls who are suffer from acne and scanty periods- Sanguinaria
  • Boils occur in crops- Silica
  • Discharge of pus continues and boils are slow to heal- Silica
  • Discharge is thin  and watery- Silica
  • Chronic acne with rough hard skin ; spots are itchy, red sore and frequently become infected- Sulphur 

Although arnica montana is best known for its effective relief of bruising it can also help to soothe various skin conditions

Dosage:use the 6c potency take twice a day until an improvement occurs, then stop repeat the treatment with the same or another medicine, if infected as and when necessary 

Allergy Rashes:

These rashes are known by different names, but urticaria nettle rash, poison ivy and hives are those most frequently used 

A skin eruption some times, involving the whole body, may develop quite quickly in response to eating foods such as strawberries and selfish, the rash that appear on the skin consists of multiple very itchy pink welts which are smooth and slightly raised the rash is not contagious or infectious, but if the allergy response involves some swelling around the throat or mouth, if the swelling affects breathing or if the woman has collapsed, urgent medical attention should be sought straight away 


  • A typical little rash with intense itching- Anacardium
  • Rash resembles measles-  Antimonium crudum
  • Feels as if skin is burning and becomes very restless – Arsenicum album
  • Allergy is caused by eating shellfish- Arsenicum album
  • Rash accompanied by diarrhoea occurs after excitement- Bovista
  • Rash develops overnight- Bovista 
  • Rash is worse after  bathing- Bovista 
  • Chronic urticaria that is worse after drinking milk – Calcarea carb
  • Feels better in the open air- Calcarea carb 
  • Rash is accompanied by fever and constipation – Copiava
  • Chronic allergic rashes which becomes worse at the start of winter- Dulc    
  • Extreme itching on exposure to cold air – Dulcamara
  • Urticaria after eating strawberries- Fragaria
  • Chronic and recurring urticaria- Hepar sulphuris 
  • Nerve rash from stress and anxiety – Kali bromatum
  • Rash becomes itchier after exertion – Natrum muriaticum
  • Rash appears after eating pork or fruit – Pulsatilla
  • Rash accompanied by diarrhoea and chilliness Pulsatilla
  • Rash is read swollen and intensely irritable – Rhus tox 
  • Rash is better from warmth- Rhus tox 
  • Rash after milk or milk products – Rhus tox
  • Rash after milk or milk products- Sepia  
  • Rash is warmth of the bed- Sepia
  • Rash appears after eating shellfish- Terebinthina
  • Intense intolerable itching that is often related to temperature changes- Urtica urens 

Dosage; use the 12c potency every two hours until an improvement occurs then stop, repeat at a longer time interval if necessary.


This extremely common condition starts with the affected area of skin showing a greater degree of redness than the surrounding skin.small blister like swellings then develop and as these rupture they have crusts or pits which ooze a clear honey like they heal they become scaly itchy, especially at night in the warmth of the deal with eczema properly constitutional treatment and dietary advice may well be needed.

Eczema is often an indication that other allergies and sensitivities exist in the patient and great care is needed to unravel the totality of symptoms and provide treatment that is not likely to produce an early aggravation. However the following symptoms treatment will help in alleviating the unpleasantness.


  • Violently itching eczema – Anacardium
  • Feelings of irritability- Anacardium 
  • Honey yellow colored crusts – Antimonium crudum
  • Skin cracks easily and thick horny calluses form- Antimonium crudum
  • For chronic eczema where skin itches,burns and swells but in spite of the burning sensation – Arsenicum album 
  • Skin feels better for warm applications- Arsenicum album  
  • Feels restless and irritable- Arsenicum album
  • Eczema on the scalp extending to face – Calcarea carb   
  • Crusts are white and very itchy – Calcarea carb 
  • Moist, scabby eruptions on the scalp face, joints, between fingers and behind the ears – Graphites 
  • Corners of the mouth and eye become cracked and ooze a gluey thick, honey like discharge – Graphites 
  • Itching becomes extreme – Graphites 
  • Rest of the skin may be dry and horny and the hair is dry and falls out – Graphites
  • Moist eczema especially on the scalp where it is chronic – Kali muriaticum
  • Chronic eczema which is worse during periods and at the menopause – Manganum aceticum 
  • There is great itching which is worse when warm or wrapped up – Mezereum 
  • Small blister quickly forms scabs and crusts from which an acrid thick pus emerges – Mezereum
  • Moist eczema without much itching- Natrum muriaticum
  • Thick scabs which ooze pus – Petroleum
  • Skin is harsh and dry- Petroleum
  • Fingertips crack and the hands chap-Petroleum
  • Eczema is mainly  on head and face cheeks and ears- Psorinum
  • Skin looks greasy and dirty, unwashed – Psorinum
  • Eczema with numerous small blisters that itch and tingle – Rhus toxicodendron
  • Skin is rough and course with soreness in the folds and  violent itching everywhere – Sulphur
  • Scalp is dry and hot with intense itching, especially at night- Sulphur
  • Scratching causes soreness and burning- Sulphur
  • Water and washing make it worse and cause considerable burning and itching- Sulphur
  • Dosage: use the 6c potency twice a day until an improvement occurs, then stop repeating if the same symptoms return.

Itching and Skin Irritation

Skin irritation can occur without a rash and is occasionally caused by underlying disease,so if it persists consult your doctor. It can be a problem during pregnancy, when the skin temperature is slightly raised and a cool bath or shower may give relief. In older women the skin may be itchy because it is rather dry, using moisturizing creams and lotions can help relieve the problem.

  • Skin is dry and itchy and is aggravated by warmth – Alumina
  • There is itching of vagina and vulva – Caladium seguinum
  • There is itching all over the body – Ichthyolum
  • Itching made by worse by undressing – Rumex

Dosage: use the 6c potency, take twice a day until relief is maintained 


This condition, ten times more common in women than men, is a painful enlargement at the junction at the big toe and the foot, it is caused by wearing badly fitting shoes.


A tearing pain in the big toe – Benzoic acid

May also suffer from gout – Benzoic acid

Dosage:use the 30 c potency three times a day on one day each week to help the discomfort slow down  bunions growth.


This is a chronic skin complaint in which red areas covered with scales develop, it is to be found most frequently on the knees and elbows, if the scales are scraped off they produce a shiny, silver sheen which is absolutely typical of this disease. Although these medicines listed below are perfectly satisfactory, for immediate treatment, longer term constitutional treatment from a homoeopathic doctor will almost certainly be required to improve the condition.

Symptoms / Medicines 

  • Psoriasis itching and burning and it is worse for cold and scratching – Arsenicum album
  • Skin is dry rough and scaly – Arsenicum album
  • Dry scaly itchy skin – Arsenicum iodatum
  • Scales peel off easily leaving a raw surface exposed – Arsenicum iodatum
  • Psoriasis that often occurs in emaciated and elderly women – Arsenicum iodatum 
  • Pimply rough, scaly skin- Berberis aquilfolium
  • Eruption appears on the scalp and extends to the face and neck- Berberis aquilfolium
  • Skin is unhealthy and any injury suppurates easily – Borax 
  • Psoriasis is better in cold weather –  Borax
  • There is dry scaly eruption especially around eyes and ears – Chrysarobinum
  • Rough thickened skin which may crack – Petroleum 
  • Fingernails and toenails are also affected- Petroleum
  • Much worse in winter – Petroleum
  • Yellowish –brown spots appear on the skin- Sepia
  • Itching and rawness – Sepia
  • Often helpful for long standing psoriasis, if overweight – Thyrodinum
  • Skin is dry and the hands and feet are cold – Thyrodinum

Dosage: use the 12 c potency, take twice a day for four weeks and repeat as and when necessary 


This condition is due to infection with the same virus that causes chicken pox. The symptoms are those of painful eruption, the pain often occurring 2 to 14 days before the rash. The rash appears on one side of the body only and the initial blotchy, red patch which is rather like a hot water bottle burn, changes into a collection of small blisters. These eventually crust over to heal in 10 to 20 days 

Medical attention is needed if the eye and /or the area surrounding it is involved or if the condition is very painful or extensive. 

Symptoms / Medicines:

  • Large blisters with stinging and burning pain – Apis mellifica
  • Cold dressings, relieve pain – Apis mellifica 
  • Blisters join up together – Arsenicum album
  • Intense burning pain develops which warm dressings relieve pain- Arsenicum album 
  • Restless and feels worse – Arsenicum album
  • Small very, itchy blisters which dry quickly producing thick scabs – Mezereum
  • Often useful for pain which continues after blisters have healed – Mezereum
  • Severe neuralgic pain in the area,affected which is usually,the chest wall- Ranunculus bulbosus
  • Clusters of burning, itching blisters which are very tender to the touch worse with any movement- Ranunculus bulbosus
  • Small blisters with itching and tingling and surrounding skin appears swollen- Rhus tox  codendron
  • Local warmth helps to ease the pain – Rhus tox codendron

Dosage: use the 30c potency, take four times a day, until the blisters begin to dry and crust over it. 

Using mezereum for pain after the spots have fully healed. Take four doses a day until an improvement is maintained.

Skin Ulcers:

Skin ulcers usually occur on the legs, when the circulation is poor,often as a result of varicose veins. Any injury to skin, with poor blood supply is likely to become an ulcer, and is normally treated with antiseptic dressings and support bandages and support bandages. Self-help includes, raising the legs above the level of heart,when resting, taking a daily walk, eating a nutritious diet and avoiding standing.If you are applying your own dressings you can use hypericum and calendula ointment. A number of homoeopathic medicines can be used to aid healing.but medical advice is needed.

  • Burning pain that is helped by warmth, and is worse between midnight and 2pm – Arsenicum album 
  • Poor circulation and the leg is cold Hamamelis 
  • Area feels sore and  bruised – Hamamelis
  • Ulcer is surrounded by a deep,bluish red area – Hamamelis
  • Edge of the ulcer looks clean cut- Kali bichromicum
  • Skin around the ulcer is bluish purple – Lachesis
  • Ulcer is painful, when walking or being tightly wrapped – Lachesis
  • For when there is infection with foul smelling pus- Mercurius solubilis 
  • Ulcers bleed easily – Nitric acid 
  • Pain as if splinter is there – Nitric acid 

Dosage:use the 12 c potency. Take a twice a day for two weeks repeat after a two day break, if there been an improvement

Skin Infections 

Skin infections occur at any age, and particularly when the skin becomes broken. The more serious skin infections are listed here. Generally medical help is required if the condition is extensive and spreading if the regional help gland become swollen and painful, if the person becomes toxic (poisoned by the infection) and feverish, or if the face or scalp is involved, simple skin infections, however respond well to homoeopathic treatment cellulites is a diffuse inflammations of the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, it appears as redness swelling pain and a raised temperature 

Erysipelas-is very similar but is an inflammation caused by a bacteria called the streptococcus and spreads through the skin and subcutaneous tissues 

Impetigo is an inflammatory, pustular skin disease, usually caused by another bacteria called the staphylococcus, honey colored crusts formed on the skin are typical                                                                                                                                you should always consult your doctor for the skin conditions mentioned above.

Symptoms /Medicines 

  • Bluish red pustular eruptions – Antimonium crudum
  • Starts as a light colored discoloration but affected skin soon,becomes livid purple and swollen and feels bruised and sore- Apis mellifica 
  • Swelling appears early in the development condition –Apis mellifica 
  • Skin appears bright red and swollen – Belladonna 
  • Skin is smooth shining and tense- Belladonna
  • Pain is sharp and throbbing – Belladonna
  • May also be headache and swollen glands- Belladonna
  • Infection starts on nose and spreads to right cheek- Cantharis
  • Large blisters form which when they burst, discharge at stinging fluid – Cantharis 
  • Large yellow blisters- Ephorbium
  • A high temperature- Ephorbium
  • Pain extends from gum to ear – Ephorbium
  • For recurring and chronic cases that involve nose and face – Graphites 
  • Slightest irritation to bring on the condition – Graphites 
  • Mainly left sided, the area becomes bright red but soon becomes dark/blue purple- Lachesis 
  • Feels drowsy and weak – Lachesis
  • Infection of the skin around the joints – Mananum aceticum
  • Useful in the early stages of cellulitis- Mananum aceticum
  • Infected skin looks dark, red and swollen and itches and tingles – Rhus tox
  • Small skin blisters appear at the start of the infection- Rhus tox
  • Scalp face and genitalia are the most common areas involved- Rhus tox 

Dosage – Use the 30c potency every four hours until an improvement is maintained.

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