Scope After BHMS: A Complete Guide on Career Options After BHMS

Scope After BHMS: A Complete Guide on Career Options After BHMS


After completing BHMS, the next big question is whether to choose a career option to further the education qualification or to pursue a job. Amid this confusion, homeopathy360 brings to you a well-curated list of top courses that BHMS aspirants can choose to seek career advancement. 

Graduates of the BHMS programme have a variety of options. Graduates in homeopathy might choose to specialize in a variety of fields. Graduates might also pursue a postgraduate degree in hospital management. Graduates of the BHMS programme can pursue careers in a variety of fields. They can opt for further studies or start working as well right after completing the course.

After allopathic and ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy is the third most common medical system in India. Emotions, mind, and body are all intertwined in this system, therefore therapies that affect all three will appear to be appropriate for the patient. If the aforementioned three are not in harmony, the person becomes unwell or has a condition.

About BHMS Course

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is a medical undergraduate degree programme. The medical knowledge of the homeopathic system is included in this degree. After completing this degree, you will be qualified to practice homeopathy as a doctor. The degree holder is qualified to use the prefix “doctor,” which is abbreviated as Dr.

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system. Patients are cared for by boosting the human body’s innate healing power. Homoeopathy is based on the idea that the body’s self-healing ability allows it to regenerate itself and works on law of “ similia similibus curentur “ All we have to do is assist it by improving its inherent healing abilities. 

The patient is prescribed homeopathic remedies based on their physical symptoms, mental issues, and lifestyle. The best element of this drug system, which sets it apart from others, is that it has no negative side effects on the body.

Careers After BHMS: Higher Study

Diploma & Certificate Courses after BHMS

Following BHMS, you can pursue a variety of PG Diploma and certificate programmes in Medical Technology, Homeopathy and Allopathy, Pharmaceutical Management, Healthcare Administration, and Management. Following are some of the best diploma programmes available after BHMS:

  1. PG Diploma in Clinical Diabetology
  2. PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management
  3. PG Diploma in Social and Preventive Healthcare
  4. PG Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
  5. Diploma in Electro-Homeopathy
  6. PG Diploma in Preventive and Promotive Healthcare
  7. Diploma in Medical Trichology
  8. PG Diploma in Health Science Research
  9. Diploma in Food and Nutrition
  10. PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management
  11. Diploma in Diet and Nutrition Health Education (DNHE)
  12. Diploma in Psychology 

Master’s Courses After BHMS

MD in HomeopathyMD (Hom) Materia MedicaMD (Hom) PsychiatryMD (Hom) PharmacyMD (Hom) PaediatricsMD (Hom) Practice of MedicineMD (Hom) Organon and philosophy 
MSc Courses after BHMSMSc Human GenomeMSc Applied PsychologyMSc Clinical ResearchMSc Medical BiochemistryMSc GeneticsMSc Food ScienceMSc Health Sciences and Yoga TherapyMSc EpidemiologyMSc Medical Biochemistry
MBA/MHA/ Masters in Public Health MBA in Healthcare ManagementMBA in Hospital ManagementMBA in Pharmaceutical ManagementMaster of Hospital Administration

Courses After BHMS: Detailed Overview

There are several courses one can pursue after completing BHMS as mentioned above. Few courses are in demand across the sector and offer great potential in terms of career growth. 

MBA in Hospital Management/Pharmaceutical Management/Healthcare Management 

Pharmaceutical Management is a field that deals with the integration of business and healthcare, and it allows you to stay close to the field of medicine while exploring management opportunities. An MBA in Healthcare Management will provide you with a wide range of abilities for dealing with communication and maintaining excellent relationships with insurance companies, doctors, patients, and their families. Following BHMS, you will learn about effective techniques for dealing with emergencies, operating a clinical pharmacy and medical systems, and adhering to central medical ethics, as well as quality management, medico-legal systems, material and supply management, and hospital information systems, among other things.

MD in Homeopathy

MD Homeopathy is a three-year curriculum that teaches students how to treat a variety of illnesses through practical clinical training rather than academic methods. After BHMS, it is one of the most popular courses, and its curriculum prepares students to write theses to enter the field of research and development while learning about existing treatments. An MD can be pursued in a variety of medical science specialities.

 Exam for MD is AIAPGET which is held once in a year annually all over India through NTA 

Job Opportunities After BHMS:

After completing BHMS, there are professional opportunities both in India and overseas. Many companies in the manufacturing and research fields throughout the world are looking for professionals in this subject.

The BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) degree qualifies a candidate to be termed a doctor and to work in private practice. A homeopathic practitioner might consider working as a medical representative or as a doctor in a private or public hospital.

Professionals in this industry can work for companies that specialize in homeopathic medicines. He or she could work as a professor or researcher in homeopathic colleges. The allopathic treatment is unsatisfactory for a substantial majority of persons. As a result, the alternative Ayurveda treatment was born.

Many individuals seek homeopathic doctors for a complete cure of their ailment because this medication method has no side effects, and this aspect pushes homeopathy graduates to build or establish their own clinics for self-practice.

Careers After BHMS: Job Profiles

The job profiles after completing the BHMS programme are as follows:

  • Doctor ( Own clinic / joint)
  • Lecturer
  • Private practice in big companies like : Bjain, Bakson, Dr Batra, Boiron Group, Dr. Reckeweg, Homoeo Amigos, etc
  • Research Officer in Pharma Co.
  • In Medical Insurance Co. or TPAs
  • Medical assistant
  • As Medical officer in private Schools
  • As Medical Adviser in Medico Legal firms
  • Editor or proofreader with medical journal publishing house
  • Therapist
  • Medical Transcriptionist / Medical Coder 
  • Pharmacist
  • Public health specialist , Administrative jobs, Epidemiologist 
  • Scientist
  • Civil services- Medical sceince, Psychology
  • Spa director

Career in Government sector :

Medical Officer, Government Homeopathic consultant in:

  • Government Homoeopathic dispensaries
  • Government Homoeopathic hospitals
  • ESI dispensaries & hospitals
  • AYUSH dispensaries under National Health mission
  • Homeopathic dispensaries under Local Self Government bodies Co-operative hospitals
  • Research or fellowship with CCH, CCRH,etc
  • Professor  / Tutor in Government Colleges.

Exams for government job – UPSC (homeopathy), State PSC.

Recruiters or Employers:

Here are some of the employment areas for the professionals who have done the BHMS programme:

  • Government/ private hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Research institutes
  • Medical colleges
  • Charitable institutions/ Dispensary in Gurudwara or Mandir
  • Life science industries
  • Homeopathic medicine store
  • Consultancies
  • Public sector companies e.g. NTPC, ONGC
  • Training institutes
  • Healthcare Community, Dermatologist 
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Nursing home
  • Dispensaries

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Careers After BHMS: Salary 

In terms of pay, the medical area is the gold standard among other fields. This is also true in the field of homeopathy. A homeopathic doctor’s monthly compensation ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 in the government sector, whereas it starts at INR 20,000 in the private sector.

With little expertise, one can earn a respectable monthly pay ranging from INR 40,000 to INR 50, 000. If you have earned a reputation as a reputable doctor in the community, there are no wage ceilings.

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