Role of Diet and Regimen in Mother and Child healthcare

Role of Diet and Regimen in Mother and Child healthcare

[Abstract: This article deals with the understanding of the Role of Diet and Regimen for the Mother and Child healthcare, on the light of the teaching of our Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy, and how to represent a good, healthy and responsible citizen of our Country are also expressed in this article.]

Keywords: Diet–regimen–normal–abnormal–nutritive–balance–seasonal-local-traditional-cultural.


Breast Milk of the Mother is the only diet of a baby and on which their health depend on. That’s why mother should cautious till their breast feeding. Because, any irregularities in the diet and regimen of the mother may disturbed the health of the baby and may develop cough & cold, apathy, diarrhea, constipation, loss of sleep etc.

Babies and Child, also likes to copies to their surroundings and their mind also so soft and touchy, that’s why mother should be-careful in her every sentence and every action. So, in every country, in the civilized society mother is called as, “Swargadapi   Gariyasi”. That’s not only carrying out the troubles of the pregnancy until delivery, but also truth because – ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the country’.

Foundation of the education and the health of the baby:

The foundation of the education and the health of the baby depend upon the mother.

  • A good and healthy child not only for his parents, of his family; he is for the society, for the country; asset of the whole human race.

Mother should be careful and restricted about her diet, & regimen:

Till breast feeding and until teething of her baby, mother should be careful and restricted about her diet & regimen.

  • Except simple, nutritive, balance diet; if mother take any rich lusty food that’s not acceptable.
  • Like that, complaints of lacking, poverty, half meal, fasting, eating indigestible foods are also same destructive for the health of the baby.

Among them, we would like to say more of that, sexual desire, anger, bad thinking of mother how influence upon the baby, as a physician we know it very well.

  • As, convulsion of the baby, due to breast feeding, from an angry mother.
  • Nervous weakness or fearfulness of a child, due to breast feeding from a shocked mother etc.

Therefore, all the mothers should be cautious about the truth and on this connection we also like to inform the mothers that during or just after intercourse never feeds to her baby.

  • Husband also needs to careful to maintain calm & quite family environment during the pregnancy period.

In this connection, we would like to mention another two things salt and capsicum.

  • About salt there is a custom that salt free diet prolongs the life. Mainly in case of cancer, in hypertension, in case of water accumulation in the body etc.
  • Capsicum is more dangerous especially dry chilly; in piles, and in intestinal ulcer it’s totally restricted.

Deficiency of nutritious diet:

During pregnancy due to deficiency of balance – nutritious diet and lack of healthy treatment may causes lack of breast milk in mother.

  • To fulfill the needs various artificial foods supplements are given.
  • But, all physicians are accepted – those are so damaging for mother and child, both. 
  • So, lacking of mother’s milk or about malnutrition, whenever arise any question, needs to consult with the expert opinion from the physician.

Options against artificial food supplements:

Till develop of enough breast milk, without depend on artificial foods; better to use pure cow-milk.

  • But, it’s not easy to digest cow-milk; so half milk & half water with small quantity of ‘michri (candy)’ dust mixed and to be given.
  • If child unable to digested it, then mixing of 2/4 drops of lime water, not to be bad.
  • Otherwise, during boil of that milk, 2/4 drops of lemon juice mixed and make it ‘channa (puppies)’ or its ‘ghoul (whey)’ may use after mixing smoothly and may give to the baby.
  • More amount of ‘michri (candy)’, cold milk, excess quantity, or by forced feeding are not acceptable.
  • From 6 am, morning to 11 pm, night every 2 hours gapes one ounce is enough for one day feeding.
  • We may adjust in different situation, as per the needs also.

After dentition child should be given everyday rice/roti/khichuri/dalia/idly/local – traditional food and some juice of the fresh seasonal fruits like orange, gripes, or apple after boiling; along with quantity of the milk to be reduced.

  • Because, depend on only milk may develop liver problem and increase catarrhal complaints of the child.
  • Please remember the nausea & vomiting of milk, diarrhoea of the baby mainly due to excess or irregular of their feeding.
  •  Goat milk is not bad for the child, mainly for diarrhea.

Recently, feeding bottle are uses, but to be careful of its use; if necessary please boiled and clean it properly, before use in each & every times.

About, non-veg we would like to say, excess of fish, meat, egg are damaging the body rather than the good health.

  • Especially as like our summer country, non-veg become spoil very easily.
  • Not only that, during treatment of so many diseases they are also restricted in the diet, like measles, chicken-pox, typhoid, heart disease, rheumatism, kidney or liver diseases; piles, dysentery, boils, carbuncle etc.


In case of cholera, fresh- young coconut water and for intense thirst cold water may chill by touching the ice with a glass of water to be allowed.

In case of carbuncle, gangrene, and ulceration of any track of the body; fish, meat, and sweet are restricted.

  • In case of diarrhea and dysentery fresh – young coconut water, barley, arrowroot, ghoul (yogurt whey) and juice of mushuri dal are easily digestible.
  • Carbohydrates are restricted in diabetes.
  • Roti of red atta (wheat flour) are good for vegetarian.
  • Old boiled rice, juice of green vegetables, potatoes, parbal (patal/pointed gourd), kacha (raw)-banana, barboti (beans), beet, gagor (carrot), kacha (raw)- papaya, ladies finger may use with butter or muster oil (very little amount carefully only) for better health.
  • Especially, in liver problem butter, oil to be restricted.
  • Fish, meat, egg, and ‘channa (puppies)’, dahi (yogurt whey), milk are good diet.

Milk is the only one balanced – nutritious diet, from childhood to old age for our healthy living.

  • Milk to be restricted with sweet mature banana.
  • Milk to be restricted with fish and meat.

Mango, jam, sessional fruits regularly in limited quantity is better than the sweets of the market.

Night watching, addiction of narcotics and smoking are also very much damaging our heath.  

At last, during homoeopathic treatment those are disturbing the action of the medicine to be restricted as per the rules.


For the benefit of our society … the moderate way of living, with as natural as possible, seasonal, local-traditional habits of foods & drinks to be taken; by the knowledge of the morality and rationality; with preserving and by maintaining the symbiotic relationship with our Ecosystemalong with the simplification of our hereditary stress by individual constitutional homoeopathic treatment … we can fulfil our social responsibility to produce a good, and healthy citizen for our Country.  


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