Review on Healing women with Homeopathy by Dr. Mine Sıdıka Kermalli

Review on Healing women with Homeopathy by Dr. Mine Sıdıka Kermalli

A woman’s health is a dynamic process beginning from puberty upto menopause. Women’s emotional state reflects on her physical symptoms throughout her lifespan. Emotional and hormonal health condition of a woman is the main determinant of her health status beginning from menstrual regularity to fertility, pregnancy, delivery, puerperium and upto menopause. Because of these facts, homeopathy is a
unique science encompassing with it’s holistic view of physical, emotional and social health of the women.

Due to these aspects, homeopathy presents effective and quick solutions to women’s health during all periods of her life, as well as during her motherhood period. Physical and emotional healthy pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding is the main concern areas to be dealt with for future healthy generations.

Dr. Kavita Chandak has proved the value that she holds for women and she has given a precious gift for women’s health with this book of ‘’ Healing Women With Homeopathy’’.

In her book, she has given importance to all the dynamic states of womenhood giving importance to puberty, menstruation, adolescence, marriage, fertility, pregnancy, labor, puerperium , breastfeeding and menopause. She has also included male fertility problems as well as female cancers including the presentation of case studies.

This book is a comprehensive guide to homeopathy in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, including potency selection, importance of dream and delusions in homeopathic analysis. She has also touched on rare and lesser known remedies with specific indications.

I am thankful to Dr. Kavita Chandak for sharing her immense knowledge, experiences and contributing to women’s health with this unique work of hers “HEALING WOMEN WITH HOMEOPATHY” .

About Book Detail:

Book Title: Healing Women with Homeopathy

Author: Dr Kavita Chandak

Publishers: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd.

ISBN: 978-81-319-2596-6

No. of pages: 240


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