Review on Hahnemann Lesser writing on Extreme Attenuation of Homoeopathic Medicines

Review on Hahnemann Lesser writing on Extreme Attenuation of Homoeopathic Medicine

The extreme attenuation of homoeopathic medicines was published as a postscript in 1831 by Graf Von Korsakoff in the 11th and again in 12th vol. of the archive of homoeopathic heilk[one who practices in accordance with law and principles as laid down in the Organon and its appendices]. The footnote mentions the author has experimented the dilution till 150th, 1000th&1500th degree of attenuation results were efficacious. The observation was made that material division of the substance attain their limit at third or sixth dilution. Thereafter attenuations acquired medicinal properties by intimate admixture of medicinal power, compared to infectious disease to non–medicinal vehicle. A demonstration was made that one dry medicated globule added to many quantities of unmediated globules and by shaking results in uniform spread of medicinal properties.

Hence he also mentions by this procedure he observed there was decline in homeopathic aggravation and increases tendency of curative powers.

Dr. Hahnemann replied in this article the observation made on his experiments in 1832:

1) That the development of the powers of medicinal substance by the process peculiar to homoeopathy is assumed to be almost illimitable

2) Thehigher their dynamisation (dematerialization) is carried they become more penetrating and rapid in action.

3) However their effects pass of more speedy.


The curative nature of such attenuated medicinal power was established to such an great heights that it cannot be measured in numerical values, As we continue dynamisation further and further the material dose of medicine is reduced but the curative action of medicine is increased and which acts  deeper spreads out from point of sensitive fibers provided with nerves, where to the medicine is first applied withinconceivable rapidity and so universally through all parts of the body, that this action of the medicine must be denominated as  it acts as spirit like [a dynamic, virtue]  in action.

Hahnemann gives example of using 1 drop of 90th dilution of sulphuradministering in globules to an old unmarried lady who had rare epileptic attack (one every 9, 12, 14th months) within an hour she had one episode of epilepsy and thereafter she remained free from disease.

The opponents of homoeopathybelieved blindly in their old system and did not accept this new system and concept of dynamisation. Only an unprejudiced person can understand the truth in the treatment of disease with highly dynamized homeopathic medicine administering in smallest dose.

This create skeptism in old school where they prescribe large quantity of medicine with high dosage in their treatment still fail to cure completely,wonder how can such small does bring cure. With the same skeptical smile they pointed out how millionth part of belladonna was benefitted in treatment of scarlet fever. They remain astonish when we dematerialize sulphur to thousand potency, still effect as the most powerful medicine in human beings. They cannot stop homoeopathic treatment reaching such great heights they remain as they deserve to do, deprived of its blessings2

In footnote he says-one must apply these gentleman goeth`s word2.

One might apply to these gentlemen Goethe’s words:

“By this I recognize the learned gentlemen!

What you cannot touch is miles away;

What you do not grasp, you completely miss;

What you don’t calculate, you believe, it’s not true;

What you do not weigh has no weight for you;

“What you don’t coin, you think doesn’t count.”(, 2tcr part.)

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann makes some standard as decillionth attenuation X [30thdil.] for dynamisation to have uniform mode of procedure in treatment among homoeopaths, we can repeat it, when we achieve cure in treatment. In later years he mentions many practitioners who diluted further and further upto [50th dil.] found that the action of medicine wasmore rapid and penetrating but likewise short duration. Higher medicinal preparation must be appraise as stronger, as much there can be no standard for measuring the degree of dynamic potency except degree of vital reaction of vital force against it.

From careful experimentation found that, one highly medicated dry globules is placed in a bottle of about 13,500 unmedicated globules communicates by shaken for about five minutes brings equal distribution of power in each globule without losing its original power. This was possible by proximity and contact between each globules act as infection, being a strong resembled as communicable disease healthy persons as it spreads person to person this ingenious and probable idea were indebted to Graf.

The strength of the medicine even though they are dry and size of globule is mustard seed that has previously been moistened with medicinal fluid brings cure when given in olfaction. Eg. The same bottle of Staphisagria X [30.dil] was opened and smelt for about 20 years for several hundred times for certain symptoms which recurred of similar character, remain constant as at first.


Hahnemann, S. and Dudgeon, R.E. (2015) lesser writings of Samuel Hahnemann. New Delhi: B. Jain.

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