Review on Hahnemann Lesser writing on Extreme Attenuation of Homoeopathic Medicines

Review on Hahnemann Lesser writing on Extreme Attenuation of Homoeopathic Medicine

ABSTRACT: Background –Infertility caused by a blocked fallopian tube in homeopathy’s application is still limited. It showcases the efficacy of Homoeopathy with insufflations of dynamised Homoeopathic remedy in distilled water through Hydrotubation therapy.

 MATERIALS AND METHODS: Infertility patients with fallopian tube blockage were given homoeopathic medicine during their first visit based on presenting symptoms and then scheduled for hydrotubation   during the preovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle (days 5–10) consentient 3 months using dynamized homoeopathic dilutions 30C potency of Arnica montana, Belladonna, Calendula officinalis, Hydrastis Canadensis, Amyl nitrosum in 45ml of distilled water at Gupta Computerized Homoeopathic Clinic.

RESULT: After treatments, tubal patency (one or both tubes) was achieved and eleven female patients conceived after homeopathic insufflations therapy has given out of thirty one patients. We got 36 % positive results, greater than the tabulated value.

CONCLUSION:  The successfully treat infertility caused by fallopian tube block using homoeopathic dilutions externally through the use of hydrotubation therapy.

KEYWORDS Female infertility, Fallopian tubes blockage, Hydro-Tubation, Homoeopathic treatment in infertility, Sterility,Calendula Officinalis, Amylenum Nitrosum

List of Abbreviations-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis(MTB   ), Hysterosalpingography (HSG), FollicleStimulating Hormone  (FSH),Hysterosalpingo-contrast sonography (HyCoSy ),Toxoplasmosis, rubella cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, and HIV (TORCH Test), In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Introduction: Fallopian tube blockage has become very common now a day. The tubal factor is responsible for infertility in 21 % (Stallworthy, 1963) to 47% cases (Rubin, 1947) but general observation tubal factor is 37 % .These structures carry eggs from ovaries, which produce eggs, to the uterus. They can get damaged when scars form after pelvic infections .Endometriosis and Pelvic surgery. Among the factors of infection, there is general bacterial infection as well as some special pathogen infection caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, ureaplasma urealyticum, mycoplasma hominis, and protozoon. That can prevent sperm from reaching an egg.


  • The purposes of this study were to explore partial and complete tubal block with the psychological consequences for women in infertility.
  • The efficacy of a hydrotubation with used of homeopathic dilutions procedures addressing the tubal infertility does mean a clear passage for the egg and subsequent fertilization as an orthodox.
  • To determine fertility outcomes following hydrotubation therapy with homeopathic dilutions on partial and complete tubal blocked infertility patients as compared to standard allopathic medicines.

Material and methodology, and tools for present research work

  • It is a primary observational clinical trial researchand follows convenient qualitative studies.
  • A sample the sample size thirty one, who had tubal blockage assessed previously by  Hysterosalpingogram  were selected with assumption of effect size as and power.
  • Hydrotubation therapy in the blocked fallopian tube female patient which performed in the pre-ovulatory phase (between days 5 and 10) of the menstrual cycle

Inclusion criteria

  • The infertility patients are having to occlusion unilateral or bilateral cornual tubal obstruction confirmed by  HSG report.
  • Unexplained sterility, age between 25 -44 years on date of new patient consultation .

Exclusion criteria /Contraindications

  • The exclusion criteria were serious semen abnormalities, recurrent spontaneous abortion {Rubella and Herpes positive in TORCH Test,} FSH>15 mIU/mL. And suspected anovulation (menstrual period>35 days) cycle or ovulatory cause.. The risk factors considered were: previous pelvic surgery, endometriosis   and endocrine diseases.
  • History of tubal sterilization
  • Patients are having cervical erosion, and a serious extra genital illness likes carcinoma, herpes genital.
  • The anomalies of the tubes range from congenital absence, major diverticula, duplication of the tubes.

Examination and diagnosis criteria-The tubal infertility can be diagnosed by a number of ways, including –

  1. Hysterosalpingography (HSG)-see tubal patency
  2. Mountex  Test –Ruled  out tubercular infection  of tubal
  3. Uterine MTB test- Endometrial Biopsy ruled out tubercular blockage.

Hydrotubation -Hydrotubation (Greek hydro   water + lat. tuba a pipe) is the trans-cervical flushing of fluid through the fallopian tubes with medicine. Hydrotubation is to dilate or treat the fallopian tubes by an injection of a liquid medication or Distilled water /isotonic solution through the cervix into the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. Hydrotubation is the part of treatment and management of infertility caused by fallopian tubalblockage.

Review of Literature- The term “Hydrotubation” was suggested by Yagi (1955) for uterotubal injection of isotonic saline. Previously Hydrotubation was used widely as a therapeutic procedure in the management of tubal occlusion.

  • Reubenstein (1954) ~reportedon the diagnostic and therapeutic uses of Hydrotubation and he used nitroglycerine to overcome the tubal spasm. Diagnosis of tubal patency depends on the subjective feeling of lack of resistance to passage. Of fluid through uterotubal junction into the peritoneal cavity.
  • Najima (1966) found an accuracy of 88% with this method of diagnosing tubal patency.
  • Horne and Kosaka (1972) had almost similar results.

        Homoeopathic Approach-

  • ORGANON APHORISM §196, ,aphorisms 284, 285 Dr.Hahnemann mostly  in the 6th edition, he favored external application as seen in aphorism 284-285.He writes that the external application of the medicine can be by rubbing the medicine on the back, arms and extremities. The mode of advocating the medicine to a person is not only orally and he said that if the curative medicine is medicine is being given internally, the same medicine can be used externally as an ointment/liniment/cerate etc.Eg: Thuja in sycosis.
  • In 6th edition of Organon of Medicine, aphorisms 284, 285, Hahnemann clarifies about the various routes of administration of the Homoeopathic Similimum.
  • ORGANON APHORISM §196 It might, indeed, seem as though the cure of such diseases would be hastened by employing the medicinal substance which is known to be truly homeopathic to the totality of the symptoms, not only internally, but also externally, because the action of a medicine applied to the seat of the local affection might effect a more rapid change in it.

Treatment plan use homeopathic dilutions (Isotonic solution)- This study was Undertaken to evaluate whether Hydrotubation with · homeopathic dilution instead of Cortisone and antibiotic solution can be used as an initial tubal patency test with some advantages over the insufflations’s test. Five dynamised remedy likes Arnica Montana 30 ,Belladonna 30   Calendula Officinalis30 ,Hydrastis   30 ,Amyl Nitrosum 30 .with Distilled water – 45 ml .These were selected for insufflations through Hydrotubation therapy in the blocked fallopian tube which performed in the pre-ovulatory phase (between days 5 and 10) of the menstrual cycle. Anti inflammation dilatory repairing tissues action homoeopathic medicine

  Arnica Montana – Traumatic remedy par excellence, Trauma in all its varieties, Mental or physical, and their effects, Recent or remote affects of injury.

Atropa Belladonna30– Characteristic material medica by William H.Burt –Belladonna and ergot of rye are powerful excitants of unstriped muscular fibers in the blood vessel, in the uterus ,in the bowel in the iris .both of them dilate the pupil both are employed  with success to produce contractions of uterus.

Calendula Officinalis 30– support tear and bear, adhesion of tissues during hydrotubation.

 Hydrastis  Canadensis 30 — A manual of homoeopathic therapeutic by neatby– Homeopathically Used for catarrh in any stage but especially in the advance stage becoming mucopurulent in gonorrhea and leucorrhoea it is useful internally and externally locally ,it has acquired a special reputation in “erosion “of the cervix where thick offensive stringy discharge and purities . Hydrastis internally and as awash for chronic cystitis is very useful offensive urine and frequent urination are indication.

Amylenum Nitrosum 30 – The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica (all 10 vols) byHering C. section ovaries–Region of uterus/fallopian tube /ovaries /felt very hard on pressure. Amyl nitro used as a best dilator of circular muscle.

Method for Hydrotubation:

  • It is necessary to empty intestines, and before the procedure — a bladder. External genitals process alcohol and iodine, the Neck of uterus is bared vaginal speculums and processed alcohol. Enter the probe into the canal of a neck of uterus. A 10 cc syringe was filled with the isotonic solution /distilled water mix indicative homeopathic dilution and instillation started through the Leech Wilkinson cannula without leurlock after ensuring a leak proof fit at the external os.
  •  Tubal patency was suggested if 8-10 cc of the fluid could be pushed in without force. Stenosis or spasm was suggested if the same amount could be pushed in after applying force on the piston of the syringe. Tubal block was suggested if there was a reflux or leak of the fluid after injection of first 3’-5 cc.During procedures the doctor watches the general condition and subjective feelings of the patient. In case of developing of pains build-up of pressure is stopped. At the proceeding morbidity stops the procedure. Upon termination of the procedure remove a clip and let out the syringe of the probe then the probe is deleted from a genital tract. After the procedure the patient remains under observation of the doctor within 1 — 2 hour.
  • At partial obstruction of pipes pressure drop in system occurs at higher figures. At full impassability of uterine tubes of pressure drop does not occur.  At the same time there can be pains in the bottom of a stomach.

Result-After treatments of thirty one such cases of, tubal patency (one or both tubes) was achieved

  • Eleven  cases conceived after their fallopian tubes became patent
  •  Three cases blockage became much  reduced but they didn’t conceive;
  • One case was dropped out as she insisted for IVF
  •  Fourteen cases was noted Status quo
  • Two case blockages got worsened even after homeopathic medication along with insufflations.

Result Presentation – tabular



On analyzing this study, insufflating  of isotonic solution  through Hydrotubation therapy  used    homeopathic dynamised remedy Arnica Montana 30C ,Belladonna 30 C  Calendula Officinalis30C ,Hydrastis   30C ,Amyl Nitrosum 30 C  within   Distilled water 45 ml  was found to be  effective and successfully open fallopian tube in a maximum number of patients along with  constitutional orally medicine , which were selected based on holistic principle and not on disease symptoms Hysteroscopic hydrotubation with homoeopathic medicine may be an alternative treatment for tubal blockage. In infertility cases it is successful in restoring the patency of at least one fallopian tube out of bilateral complete and partial blocked fallopian tube by hydrotubation therapy with used Homoeopathic dilution get pregnant in the first three to six months after the procedure With good case selection, therapeutic hydrotubation may be beneficial in resource poor countries, especially in patients with incomplete tubal occlusion (bilateral perifimbrial adhesions)The effectiveness of hydrotubation therapy is treatment for unexplained infertility also

Conclusion –Homoeopathy was Efficacious in management of the cases of infertility due to fallopian tube blockage by insufflating with dynamised Homoeopathic dilutions in distilled water by means of Hydrotubation Therapy.  In addition to improved the quality and accuracy of life without any burden of side effects with the use of the hydrotubation therapy with used homeopathic dilutions relieves makes fallopian tubes patent but also removes the cause from the organism as a whole cured infertility. Significantly alleviates the patient’s pain, reduces the adverse reactions caused by treatment in conventional medicine. This increases the patient’s overall satisfaction degree, has better remedy for that problem so it is worth the promotion in clinical practice. The results obtained are inspiring for homoeopathic clinicians especially the novice, showing the way to treat such cases.


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