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Review of The Book “The Homoeopathic Physician’s Quick Prescriber” By Dr Asim M Patel Md (Hom)

Dr K D Kanodia has beautifully authored this book, with lots of references from many stalwarts. He has also authored many other books on Homoeopathy and contributed his valuable words and wisdom to homoeopathy.

This book contains lots of information on Homoeopathic therapeutics and guides us in various diseases, and even in cancer and other pathological diseases. This book also guides us about the management of acute diseases and emergencies. And for all these reference is taken from stalwarts of Homoeopathy.

The author has got a beautiful style of writing, clinical conditions and therapeutics with reference from stalwarts. Multiple references are also taken from different stalwarts, wherever necessary.

I would like to highlight some of the unique features or material of “The Homoeopathic Physician’s Quick Prescriber” which is about

1) Hereditary aspect of diseases and Homoeopathic treatment, where he has discussed about many hereditary diseases with references from stalwarts.

2)  A number of disease conditions are considered for Homoeopathic therapeutics from stalwarts.

3) Many acute conditions and emergency conditions are taken from references of stalwarts.

4) A detailed chapter is on treatment of various cancers with experiences and references from stalwarts.

5) A very important chapter which is there in this book is about When Indicated Remedies Fail, where indications of various remedies are given with references which are to be used when a remedy fails.

Finally, I would like to conclude that, after reading the whole book I felt that this book is not like other books of therapeutics. It will help the reader in a better Homoeopathic practice. It contains lots of collections of experiences of Homoeopathic stalwarts. This will definitely help to the students, interns, PGs, and also the practitioners.

About the Book

Book Title: The Homeopathic Physicians Quick Prescriber


ISBN:     9788131900390

Imprint:  B.Jain Regular

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Dr Asim M Patel MD(Hom)
Consultant Homoeopath &Faculty A M Shaikh Homoeopathic Medical College Belagavi Karnataka India
Contact: 9880987887
Email : [email protected]

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