This morning I read a note on the internet that said:
“They fear the return of smallpox; the population is not vaccinated ”. Reading this got me thinking,
what does homeopathy offer if smallpox returns?
If there were a return of smallpox, of course it would be a problem, because the population has not
been vaccinated, since the date of its worldwide eradication, which was in 1979, and it would be a terrible problem because we do not know if there could be a mutation of that virus says the article.
The warning from Russian scientists that the thawing of glaciers due to climate change could revive various viruses, including the cause of smallpox, one of the most contagious and deadly diseases in history.
However, by 1983, viruses from South Africa were destroyed and those from the UK were
transferred to the US. Since then, deposits of variola virus have been preserved in Russia, at the Institute for Virus Preparations in Novosibirsk and at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Approximately 450 strains obtained from the US military, the National Institutes of Health of Japan and the Netherlands were concentrated at the CDC . The Russian collection included 150
strains from Brazil, Congo, Ethiopia, Botswana, Tanzania, India, Pakistan.
The return of smallpox for a bacteriological war of course it is possible, and of course that in a time of thaw due to climate change it could be the case, how likely it is, that is what we do not know and we do not know if there is a preparedness plan.
Fortunately, homeopathy has a whole therapeutic arsenal and among so many medicines we had to find the similimum or the most similar possible against this disease.
Studying the materia medica I discovered that there were at least 4 remedies that were mentioned in the Synthesis repertoire, Arsenicum album, Antimonium tartaricum, Mercurius solubilis and Rhus toxicodendron. When checking each one of them in the materia medica I found that only
They were similar remedies, in fact not very similar, but when searching in old books of homeopathic therapy, I found a remedy that is perhaps the most similar remedy or the similimum of smallpox, CUPRUM ACETICUM.

Let’s see why in the following comparative table:
Symptoms of Smallpox Pathogenesis of Cuprum aceticum
Fever and alterations of the system in General.
Warm, dry skin or covered in sweat.
Rapid pulse
Accelerated pulse: from 120 to 140.

Increased frequency of respiration. Accelerated breathing.
Dyspnoea. Cramping spasms in the chest (?) (Asphyxiating stoppage of breath, Jahr.)
Languor. Marked weakness. Prostration. Exhaustion. Fainting
Vertigo and syncope. Oral fetidity. Hoarseness.
Redness with points in the jaws (speech is also stopped or totally absent. Jahr.)
Nausea, retching, vomiting. Nausea and vomiting
Anorexy. Loss of appetite Aversion to food.
Constipation, sporadic diarrhea. Diarrhea, sporadic constipation.
Severe headache Agonizing headache.
Red and swollen face: violent pulsation in carotids
Face very red and swollen, bloated, red, hot.
Delirium, insomnia, restlessness. Delirium, drowsiness, coma.
Pain in the back (less constant than gastric symptoms and headache)
Pain in the loins and sacrum in the navel and in the iliac region.
Drawing, tearing pains in Extremities.
Cramps in the calves, tetanic spasms in the fingers.
There is no doubt that it is the most similar remedy for which I would not hesitate to use Cuprum aceticum as the main remedy in Smallpox, in fact around 1890 there was a Captain named Feilden who cured his crew with an ointment that was called , Crimson Cross ointment, a green-colored ointment, which was smeared on his patients from head to toe, owed its therapeutic power to copper acetate.
The symptoms and experimentations above coincide very closely by similarity to be coincidental as a whole, and the amazing success of the Crimson Cross ointment points to it being a clear example.
of the law, similia similibus curentur. The homeopathic branch of the profession has missed a great opportunity by failing to unanimously declare the irrelevance of the smallpox vaccine; You have a missed opportunity, since Cuprum aceticum could well have been used as a remedy for smallpox, since it can be at the same level as Aconitum in fever or Camphora in the primary stages of cholera, and with this it could have been avoided so many deaths.
Long live homeopathy.

About the author

Jorge Montoya Saldaña

Homeopata desde 1992, estudie en la Acadamy International Of Clasical Homeopathy