Pyoderma in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment with Homeopathy

Pyoderma in Dogs Treated Homoeopathically: A Case Study

Pyoderma in Dogs Treated Homoeopathically A Case Study

Pyoderma in Dogs – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment with Homeopathy

Pyoderma means “pus in the skin.” It can be caused by infection, inflammation and is most commonly found in dogs of all age group. Most cases of pyoderma are caused by bacterial infections. Most of these are superficial and secondary to other conditions, such as allergies etc.

Commonly seen sites are Warm, moist areas on the skin, such as lip folds, facial folds, armpits, feet, and neck folds, often have higher bacterial counts than other areas and are at an increased risk for infection. Pressure points, such as elbows, are prone to infections due to repeated pressure. In dogs, superficial pyoderma commonly appears as bald patches near the belly area, welts around hairs, and scabbing. Shorthaired breeds often have multiple welts that look similar to hives because the inflammation in and around the follicles causes the hairs to stand more erect.

The signs of deep pyoderma in dogs include pain, crusting, odor, and secretions of blood and pus. Redness, swelling, ulceration, scabs, and blisters may also be seen. The bridge of the muzzle, chin, elbows, hocks, knees, and spaces between the toes are more prone to deep infections, but any area may be involved.

Diagnosis is based on signs also include steps to identify any underlying causes. These include fleas, allergies, hypothyroidism, Cushing disease, and poor grooming and most common causes of recurrent bacterial pyoderma include failure to treat underlying causes, use of glucocorticoid drugs, and inappropriate treatment with prescribed antibiotic medications. 1

Case study:

A case of Brax Whity Silveira, 1 year 5 months old Indian Spitz, presented with the complaints of itching and pustular eruptions on the body, especially at its belly region, the dog was constantly scratching and was irritable because of the same reason.

It presented like a small eruption, and then started spreading, thus the dog owner had taken it to a vet clinic and antibiotics were started but the owner observed that there was no change at all in the presentation of the symptoms, but the dog was becoming more irritable in nature and Brax used to itch so violently as well was not allowing to touch the affected pain, he was not able to walk properly as well.

Then as a last hope the case had come to Homoeopathy, based on the above symptoms like scratching and pustular eruptions even after constant itching the dog was not feeling better, on observation the ulcer like lesions, leaving scars, spread over body, ulcers gnawing, biting. This presentation was more towards the Homoeopathic remedy Arsenic Album.

Treatment Plan:

Considering above symptoms, a sector approach was selected and a logical totality was constructed using the PQRS symptoms, the remedy which was corresponding the totality was Arsenic Album.

Image Day 1 of the treatment: Before Homoeopathic Treatment: 9th December 2021



Case reported on 9th December 2021

Arsenic Album 200 (3-3-3)

Rhus tox 200 (3-3-3) Sos

Echinacea Q (External dressing)

Follow up 1:

The redness started decreasing as well as the eruption started to reduce by its size with itching 



Case reported on 11th December 2021

Arsenic Album 200 (3-3-3)

Echinacea Q (External dressing)

Follow up 2:

The redness started decreasing drastically as well as the eruption started to reduce by its size , the intensity of itching also reduced.



Case reported on 16th December 2021

Echinacea Q (External dressing)

Follow up 3: 20th Dec 2021

No redness as well as the eruption started to diminish with no itching.



This time the healing power of Homoeopathy shows that it’s not just meant for the human beings but as well as for all living beings. But here in Veterinary Homoeopathy the major role is always played by the owners of the canine, in this case the credits goes to the dog owners Mr Vynen jeligo Silveira is also a Homoeopathic student and thus was able to construct a logical totality, he also had so much of love towards his Canine thus made the case taking more logical and thus was able to trace the true unmodified picture of the disease in turn was able to build the true totality which lead the way towards actual totality of the canine and thus was able to get the disturbed adorable vital force back to its true form.


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