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Pulsatilla nigricans as constitutional remedy in case of “tinea corporis”

ulsatilla nigricans as constitutional remedy in case of “tinea corporis”

Abstract- A male age 24 years diagnosed clinically with tinea corporis cured by homoeopathic prescription Pulsatilla nigricans with 50 millesimal potency.

Keywords- Tinea corporis, Pulsatilla nigricans, 50 millesimal potency, homoeopathy

Abbreviations- DM2- diabetes mellitus type-2, B.P- blood pressure, mm-hg- millimetre of mercury, amel. – amelioration, agg.- aggravation, QDS- 4 times a day (quater die sumendum), B.Com- Bachelor of commerce.


Skin infection by fungus is very common in our country due to warm and humid climate. Dermatophytes are the fungi that digest keratin and infect skin, hair and nails. (1) Occlusive clothing, frequent skin to skin contact and minor trauma of competitive wrestling create an environment in which dermatophyte flourish. (2) Although any dermatophyte can cause tinea corporis but the most common is Tinea rubrum.

Tinea corporis or ringworm is a fungal infection of trunk and extremities characterised by itchy, annular lesion with scale across the entire erythematous border. (2) Lesion are usually asymmetrical and may be single or multiple with well-defined margin and central clearing. (3)


Chief complaints

A 24 year old male patient came with the complaints of severe itching and eruptions all over the body with redness and burning, especially at night and while undressing since 1 year.

History of presenting illness

It initially appeared on thigh and gradually appeared on whole body. Patient took external application by himself which reduces the complaints for some period of time but it relapsed again and again.

Past history

Not specific

Family history

Mother is suffering from DM2, hypothyroidism

Personal history

Habits- Tobacco chewing, occasionally used to take beer

Physical and mental generals

Patient was mild and gentle in talking, whatever he was enquired, he replied gently and calmly. He used to suppress his anger and wants always to be consoled while he was angry++. He wanted to be alone always and didn’t wish people to be around him. He was afraid of water, drowning as he doesn’t know swimming.

While enquiring about the physical generals, it was found that his appetite was good and liked to take cold food. His tongue was thick, flabby, slight red tip and usually drank 2-3 glasses of water in a day. He desired to take spicy food++ and often took while he returned from his business. He could not bear sunlight which caused severe itching. His stool was satisfactory and 1 time in the morning and urine was also normal. Patient used to sweat profusely on his face and back. He was sensitive to cold. He usually slept 6-7 hours with covering the face and on abdomen. All of his complaints were relieved in open air.


Diagnosis is based on clinical history and physical examination. (2)

Totality of symptoms

  • Wants to be alone
  • Consolation amelioration
  • Undressing aggravation
  • Night aggravation
  • Open air amelioration
  • Thirstlessness
  • Desires- Spicy food
  • Perspiration- profuse in face and back
  • Itchingand eruption
  • Redness

Analysis and evaluation of the case

S.No Symptoms type Symptoms Intensity
  Mental general Wants to be alone ++
  Mental general Consolation amelioration ++
  Physical general Thirstlessness +++
  Physical general Desires- Spicy food ++
  Physical general modality Undressing aggravation ++
  Physical general modality Night aggravation +
  Physical general modality Open air amelioration ++
  Particular symptoms Perspiration- profuse in face and back ++
  Common symptom Eruption +
  Common symptom Itching ++
  Common symptom Redness +

Repertorial totality

8 symptoms which are prominent mental, physical and particular symptoms are taken into consideration and repertorisation is done with the help of Complete Repertory in HOMPATH CLASSIC 8.0.

Symptoms Rubrics
Wants to be alone [C] [Mind] Company:aversion to: agg.:
Consolation amelioration [C] [Mind] Consolation: amel.:
Undressing aggravation [C] [Generalities] Undressing:agg.:after:
Open air amelioration [C] [Generalities] Air:open:amel.:
Thirstlessness [C] [Stomach] Thirstlessness:
Desire- spicy food [C] [Generalities] Food and drinks:spices:desires:
Perspiration- profuse in face [C] [Face] Perspiration:
Perspiration- profuse in back [C] [Back] Perspiration:

Repertorial sheet (4)


Prescribed on 15/06/2020

Pulsatilla nigricans  LM 1,

1 drop in 100 ml aqua, 5ml of the above solution repeated 4 times in a day for 7 days.

On repertorisation, remedies such as Pulsatilla nigricans, Nux vomica, Arsenicum album, Phosphorus, China officinalis, Sepia, Sulphur came in the top.

Pulsatilla nigricans (5) (6) was finally selected as per the mental symptoms of the patient as he said he wants to be alone always and does not want anyone around him; and consolation makes him better while he is an angry and during narration of his complaint he seems so calm and composed which is a characteristic of Pulsatilla nigricans.

Selection of dose and repetition

As already mentioned in aphorism 161 and aphorism 248 of 6th edition by Master Hahnemann that there is no apparent increase in original disease during treatment with renewed dynamisation (50 millesimal potency) and also may be repeated daily for months respectively (7), So 50 millesimal potency been selected seeing the intensity of symptoms.

Follow up

Date Symptoms Prescription
22/06/2020 Eruptions are better Itching and burning – persist Sleep- Disturbed Thirst- Moderate   Pulsatilla nigricans 0/2/QDS for 7 days  
30/07/2020 Blackish discolouration reduced Itching and burning agg. night, sweating Sleep- Disturbed due to itching Thirst- Moderate Appetite – reduced   Pulsatilla nigricans 0/3 / QDS for 7 days
06/07/2020 Eruptions on groin region- better Itching and burning- Slightly better Sleep- Sound sleep Appetite- Good Thirst- Moderate Pulsatilla nigricans 0/4 / QDS for 7 days
14/07/2020 Eruptions of whole body- better No more burning and Itching Sleep- Sound Appetite- Good Pulsatilla nigricans 0/5 / QDS for 7 days
22/07/2020 Relief in all complaints Rubrum 0/6 / QDS for 15 days


Patient was advised to clean the clothes daily and take nutritious diet.

Before treatment

Figure- 1

After treatment



As a homoeopath, one must rely upon the totality. Homoeopathy is holistic science, so, in order to bring out proper homoeopathic treatment, thorough case taking is essential considering both physical and mental causative factors of the patient. Lastly, in chronic cases, constitutional remedy gives better results.


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