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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched Sickle Cell Eradication Mission in Bhopal on November 15, 2021

Prime Minister dedicated Genetic counselling card to the nation, innovated by Homeopaths Drs. Nambison
On the occasion of Sickle cell Eradication Mission launch
(Ministry of Health and welfare recognises their work).

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched Sickle Cell Eradication Mission in Bhopal on November 15, 2021. To mark the occasion of birth anniversary of legendary freedom fighter Birsa Munda.

On this occasion Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi gave special Hemoglobinopathy genetic counselling cards to the beneficiaries invented by Homeopathic doctor couple of Bhopal. The said Hemoglobinopathy Genetic counselling card also called GIPCI (Genetic Inheritance Prediction Counselling Identification) cards are specially designed cards for prevention of Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia. Researcher couple Dr. Nisanth Nambison, Associate professor at Government Homoeopathic College and Hospital, and Dr. Smita Nambison from capital city Bhopal have invented a forecast card that accurately forecasts the monogenic disorder that will occur in the children of a married couple. This will prove to be a revolution in medical science. Now eradication and prevention of disease without any medicine is Possible. This is the first time that the invention of homeopathic doctors is being recognized by the mainstream PMO, health ministry administration (Ministry of Health and welfare Govt of India and M.P). Dr.Nisanth Nambison and Dr.Smita Nambison have done the whole homeopathic community proud for the such a noble cause.

According to the National Health Mission Government of India, India has the highest number of 42 million Thalassemia patients in the world and about 10,000 to 15,000 children affected by Thalassemia Major are born every year.

And sickle cell disease in India varies from 1 to 35% in different communities, which is an exceptionally large number. According to the National Health Mission’s Policy Document 2016 and WHO, genetic counsellors will have to be appointed in health centers for effective prevention of these diseases.

International status: 3 million sickle cell thalassemia diseased babies are born every year. Afro-American, Africa, Saudi Arabia, many European countries are also affected by this disease.

What is GIPCI card: Disease prevention with the help of technology, an extremely simple and inexpensive remedy, one can use it at home, a commendable step in eradicating the disease. If you stay healthy, lifestyle will improve, financial improvement will follow. For the success of this mission it will have to be implemented across the country.

What to do ? –

Post Blood test – Initial test (Solubility, NESTROFT test) – Confirmatory (HPLC, Electrophoresis test). GIPCI card will be made on the basis of blood test.

Benefits of GIPCI Card:

How easy to use GIPCI (Gypsy) card?

To use the GIPCI (Gypsy) card, all that must be done, is, place the male GIPCI (Gypsy) card on top of the female GIPCI (Gypsy) card, a see-through hole will appear in front of the correct result and a cross mark ⓧ will appear in front of all others.

  • This GIPCI (Gypsy) card tells the possibility of disease in children / getting married / their% / appropriate/inappropriate things.
  • GIPCI Card
  • G – Genetic
  • I – Inheritance
  • P – Pattern
  • C – Counselling
  • I – Identification card

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