Preamble Novel Homoeopathy - S. Harimann and Rashmi Shukla

Preamble Novel Homoeopathy – S. Harimann and Rashmi Shukla


Preamble Novel Homoeopathy – Homoeopathy Verified Through Genetics (Ver. 2.0) – S. Harimann and Rashmi Shukla

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine but essentially it’s a system of therapeutics because, homoeopathy accepts the study of pre & para clinical and clinical subjects of modern medicine as it are except the Pharmacology. In addition, a homoeopathic graduate has to study the subject “Organon of Medicine and Philosophy” which extensively deals with the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy during the entire course of four and half years, besides Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Repertory.

While explaining the doctrinal part of Organon of Medicine, the authors have ventured to explain the scientific basis of Homoeopathy on the lines of genetics and nano-technology and the same has been experimented and established by Dr. Jayesh Bellare, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai who is a Ph. D and also Post Doctorate from MIT USA that the nano-particles are available even in the dilution of higher potencies of the mineral medicines and also identified the genuineness of the medicines. Thus, it establishes that Homoeopathy is not merely a placebo effect but it is a system of medicine recognized by an act of Parliament, Government of India.

This book is author’s 45 years of work experience toiling to update the things described in the ‘Organon’ with incorporation of all those innovations in our literature that may help us in our daily practice of Homoeopathic medicine. In order to address the need of upgradation, the authors have written eleven chapters which covers the past, present and future glimpses of the medical science; especially, Homœopathy. It covers all the key elements that are mandatory to understand the Organon subject.

Dr. S. HARIMANN is the first ever Homœopath who introduced in the history of Homœopathic medicine, the most accepted basis of the diseases and cure, that is, genetic basis. He is the first ever person to rationalize the term cure more precisely. He reflected that, the Homœopathic medicines optimistically affect the core of the diseases i.e. parts of the contributing genes. For the cure of diseases, he says that, our medicines modify the signal proteins; produced by incongruous naño-assemblies — n-a’ies, of the genes. This work portrays the evidences as well as related scientific understanding. The practical utility is the ultimate purpose of any scientific work; which is resolved in the ‘PROTOCOL OF LIFE & NAÑO MEDICINES’.

The book is a masterpiece and evidence to the scientific basis of Homoeopathy. An elaboration to the relation between nanotechnology and Homeopathy.

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