Personality disorders and anxiety disorders, Symptoms, causes and treatment in homeopathy

Causes Of Anxiety Disorders And Personality Disorders

Other therapists and theorists – those with a behavioral perspective –view an anxiety disorders as resulting from unfortunate learning and conditioning experiences , phobic disorders , for example they feel may be acquired through the association of painful or unpleasant events with particular situations . the life histories of people with severe phobias very often include especially frightening or traumatic , events events that may have triggered specific phobias by a process of classical conditioning sometimes these  events or similar ones , recur periodically , as with the woman in who feared hypodermic syringes . once learned , phobias may be reinforced by the relief the phobic person tells when the fcjred object is avoided thus instrumental conditioning may also be involved . finally phobias may be acquired through observational learning ; a child who sees his father grow deathly afraid at the site of a spider may come to share his or her fathers fear , no matter how a particular anxiety problem develops , its origin may well be forgotten and there fore the anxiety seems problem develops , its origin may well be forgotten and therefore the anxiety seems completely irrational

no specific biological cause has been identified for the anxiety disorders , but many suspect that biology plays a role . we know that tranquilizing drugs help to alleviate anxiety . investigation are now exploring how these drugs help and at which sites in brain they have their effects . this may help to understand the boyd’s anxiety system . anther clue pointing to biological factors is the ercnving evidence that heridety plays at least some role in the anxiety orders


Many people whose behavior is abnormal are classified as having personality disorders . this is diverse group of disorders in which the connection thread is a lifelong pattern of unusual behavior . these people do not show the bizarre symptoms of the schizophrenic , manic or deeply depressed individual . the way they cope with life’s problem and relate to others may be considered troublesome strange or perhaps tiresome to others ; but the people themselves may no feel a great of anxiety or distress except when they encounter special crises , many kinds of deviant behavior are included in the broad , genersl category of personality disorder . note that these disorders are not consider clinical syndromes , like the disorders we have discussed thus fat ; personality disorders nuke up a separate category

Many  people with personality disorders show lifelong adjustment ! that people who have a paranoid personality disorder exhibit long standing suscpecioness and irritability bra, without evidence of major delusions

People with a schizotypal personal disorders we geh\nerally very shy , socially awkward and unable to farm clost relationships . they tend to have rather odd thoughts and behavior , the individual with a coinpulsine personality disorder tends to be rigid , conventional , perfectionist , stingy , stubborn , emotionally inhibited and inclined to become preoccupied or obsessed with trial pursuits . we will take a closer look at two other personality disorders – histrionic and anti social


An individual with a histrionic personality disorder , more often a woman I than a man . people with this disorder are likely to be manipulative ; they get others to do their bidding by indirect tactics

A southern belle style and a knack for making others feel guilty for one’s aweful sufferings are often characterstics of the histrionic personality , such people are likely to be flamboyant to exaggerate how truly wonder full good things are and how deeply tragic bad things are , yet they tend to deny that any thing in their lives is especially troubling , insisting , like the fictional pollyyana that every thing will turn out just fine , they also deny the sexual connotations of their seductive behavior . indeed such behavior does often so seem designed to attract attention more than to initiate any real romantic or sexual relationship . the histrionic pattern may also include imagined ailments or illnesses , that actually have psychological origins , such ailments were often treated by Freud ; he saw them as a pah of hisryrical neurosis ; in historical carry over from Freud’s time , histrionic people are sometimes referred to as hystencal personalities


The normal abnormal distinction is particularly fuzzy when applied to the category of antisocial personality disorder sometimes also labeled psychopathic or sociopatinic personality . such persons do not play by the usual rules of the society . they behave as if a special special set of rules or no rules at all , shoul apply to them . some are swindlers , embezzlers and bad check passers –others are drifters , never able to hold a job for very long . they show great skill in short term interactions , with an uncanny knack for saying just the tilings other people want to hear . they appear charming , confident , mature and sincere . however their behavior is inconsistent with their words . they do not follow through on promises or obligations , they are perfectly willing to deceive and defraud other people . people with antisocial personality disorders feel no close bonds with others but are often remarkably accept at convincing other people . people with antisocial personality disorders feel no close bonds with others but are often remarkably at convincing other people to help and trust them consider the following example . staff members in a prison routinely assigned new psychology interns to interview stan, within a week the interns would fervently report back that stan had been unfairly convicted and imprisoned they would maintain that stan was in fact .a retired colonel and grieving widower whose revolver a military souvenir acquired during world war 11 , had been wrongly implicated in a murder , they were also sure that no one before them had ever really understood this troubled prisoner , who had finally unburdened himself only because the intern had listened with unusual sympathy . the fact were of course that stan was no colonel but some one with a long history of deliquencies and forgeries . he was serving a long sentence for having murdered his life in order to collect her insurance

People like stan can be caught and punished time and again but will continue to commit the same crimes . they never seem to learn , probably in large part because they fail to experience anxiety or guilt about their behavior as others would

The reasons for the development of antisocial personality patterns are elusive . some psychologists suspect biological defect that makes ordinary rewards and punishments ineffective in these children’s upbringing . others tend to blame two kinds of parents , or parental models . the first is the parent who is cold and distant with the child . the child learns to initiate this pattern , becoming in turn , cold and distant in relationships with others , because the child is treated as an object to be manipulated he or she may learn to deal with other people in the same way . the second kind of parent applies rewards and punishments inconsistently , because the child is initially punished frequently , he or she learns the tricks of escaping and avoid punishment . but because rewards are sparse and inconsistent the chilji never learns an appropriate social rule . some families the black sheep seems to be quality , very different from the other children .as several different from the other children . as with several different causes play a role and that the relative imp?of each may different one ease to the next

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