Panel Discussion on Vaccines in Pandemics and Use of Nosodes

Panel Discussion on Vaccines in Pandemics and Use of Nosodes

The journey of Covid 19 has been all about challenges and it has spilled over into 2021 as well. The various modes of treatment given, combating against post Covid complications and now the questions regarding the vaccination drive are making rounds. INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHIC FOUNDATION organized a Panel Discussion on this current hot topic “Vaccination in pandemics and use of Nosodes” on 26 Feb 2021. It was an insight into Vaccines, Vaccinosis and Use of Homoeopathic Nosodes.

The respected panellists for the discussion were;

Dr Anil Khurana : Director General CCRH and Chairman Board of Governors CCH.

Dr Srinivas Rao Nyapati: Former member CCRH, Former Member CCH, MD Ramakrishna Stores.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni: International speaker, academician and Director Homoeopathic Research Institute, Pune.

Dr Rajesh Shah: Director life Force Homoeopathy, Director BioSimilia.

Dr R N WAHI, President IHF and Dr Muktinder Singh, Chairman Academics and Scientific committee chaired the sessions and Dr Amita Arora, Co- Founder IHF was the moderator of the sessions.

Following were the few key points of the discussion:

Dr Anil Khurana stated that how Clinical research trials are helping to give Evidence based results of Homoeopathic medicines in Pandemics. Our medicines given as an Adjuvant helped in cases not to progress to complications. Many Homoeopathic colleges helped in distributing Arsenic Alb 30 to the masses with a follow up of 21 days, the results were found encouraging. He further mentioned research based evidence of Nosodes like Malaria Off. 200 given for mass prophylaxis has been found to be very effective. Soon we will see CCRH, AYUSH and research organizations to share scientific evidence based results on World Homoeopathic Day this year.

Dr Rajesh Shah elaborated on “Scope and Limitations of Vaccines in Pandemics”, he mentioned that Homoeopathy and Vaccines are fundamentally based on same principals of SIMILIA. He stressed that Vaccine is not the only way to make our world Covid free and Homoeopathic Nosodes can do the similar job but we have to prove that it has a scientific backing. Biggest challenge in Vaccine is safety but our Nosodes are absolutely safe. Scientific blending of both Nosodes and Vaccine is the need of the hour. He gave an Insight into status of development of clinical trials which are going on the Covid Nosode. It was shared that so far the Nosode is proving to be efficacious and absolutely safe. This is very encouraging news and was highly appreciated by the audience.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni has been an expert in managing and treating numerous Covid cases in the last one year. He explained that Hanhemanian concept of Genus Epidemicus is based on Totality approach with the medicines selected based on scientific criteria of affinity towards the organ affected like Respiratory tract, epithelial tissue etc.It should covers it miasmatically also, if necrosis/ septicaemia / destructive pathology is present then the remedy should also be Syphlitic/ Tubercular. Medicines like Thuja and Malandrinum can be used as a prophylactic before Vaccination.

Dr Srinivas Rao discussed the role of Homoeopathy in “Post Covid recovery Sequele “with many survivors suffering from various symptoms persisting for months. He mentioned that we all have to deal with” Never been well since Covid” rubric in the coming decade.

Similarly we have to brace ourselves for Post vaccination complications which can be short term like Hives, soreness, anaphylactic shock etc and long term like Hypotonia, Brachial Neuritis and many neurological and cognitive deficits.

The Panel Discussion was highly interactive and it was concluded with the remarks of our experts that it is the need of the hour to put our hands together and a unique time to prove to the world that Homoeopathy has the treasure to offer to the masses. The two hours session ended up with Vote of Thanks by Dr Amita Arora.INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHIC FOUNDATION was highly thankful to our panellists and the delegates for such an informative discussion.

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Dr Bhavna Malhotra.

President Academics and Scientific Committee.

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