Pandemic? Infodemic? Plandemic ? syndemic: the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic Seen from the Biomedical, Political, Economic and Sociocultural Aspects

Pandemic? Infodemic? Plandemic ? syndemic: the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic seen from the biomedical, political, economic and sociocultural aspects

 ABSTRACT: The declaration by the WHO of the COVID-19 pandemic in march 2020 and its medical, socio-economic, political and cultural consequences have become evident worldwide, and this work aims to elucidate the network that has been woven through its surroundings from the historical and geopolitical and the great transnational economic interests of the private and state corporations involved in it, from the informational, statistical, bio-scientific media and finally the medical part and its direct implication in public health and its treatment as dissimilar in different regions and countries. As a key objective of the work, is the presentation of viable alternatives to the crisis from the state and medical-scientific, giving priority and special interest to public policies of sanitation and prevention traditional non-pharmacological and the implementation of prophylactic and curative mechanisms through homoeopathic medicine and indigenous ancestral practices combined.

KEYWORDS : COVID-19, virus, pandemic, synergy, syndemic, vaccines, fears, eugenics, GMOs, globalisation, remedy, disease, homoeopathy, iatrogenesis.

ABBREVIATIONS: WHO – World Health Organisation, COVID-19 – coronavirus disease 2019, GMOs – genetically modified organisms 

INTRODUCTION : As the pandemic is declared of maximum public and world interest, the suitability and importance of homoeopathic medicine being directly involved in the curative resolution of the disease and in its prophylaxis, as a safe, effective and innocuous alternative to synthetic vaccines pharmacological, homoeopathic medicine must be an integral part to face not only this crisis but also the possible other crises that will arise.




a) What is dealt with in the present work teaches us to prevent errors due to excess improvisation, especially in the elaboration of synthesis biologics in the laboratory without strictly complying with the minimum international clinical protocols, regarding the safety and effectiveness of the final product;

b) That it cannot be claimed that a biological, no matter how effective and innocuous, has exactly the same effects for one hundred percent of the population;

c) That today the population is still being experimented with as if it were a routine clinical laboratory experimentation, and that is extremely serious and irresponsible; and

d) That ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES, including HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE, should play a very important role in the resolution of global public health crises, and not only in declared pandemics, but in everything related to health and disease, and this requires a greater and efficient dissemination and awareness of the peoples.




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IV-THE MIRACULOUS SOLUTION: THE VACCINE!                                                

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[49] According to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in a June 2021 report, there were more than 82 million displaced persons and refugees in the world (4% more than in 2020): 25 million Palestinians displaced by state terrorist Zionism from Israel, for example in Colombia 6 ‘million displaced people forced by violence, drug trafficking and State terrorism; 4 ‘million Venezuelan refugees; millions of Africans and Latin Americans migrating as ‘wandering Jews’ towards the unpromising ‘American dream’.

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 V – PLANDEMIC GENESIS                                                                                          

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[112] It is suspected that the coup against Evo Morales had its roots in the coveted Bolivian lithium.


[114] In those days Mr. Pompeo was happy with the theme of the ‘melting of the polar helmet’ of the Arctic, because it was the precise opportunity to transit through open waters and for the exploitation of hydrocarbons and various metals of that rich and frozen subsoil. But I did not know that Russia was already moving towards those same plans!

[115] The Bloomberg agency itself published two audios, one on November 4, 2019: “Preparing for the next pandemic: As the coronavirus outbreak approaches a pandemic, world leaders and health officials are fighting for contain the consequences. That has led to quarantines and other emergency actions around the world. It’s a scenario that was planned just a few months ago, at a meeting of leaders in global finance, politics and healthcare. Janet Wu of Bloomberg was there and brings us this report. ”

[116] The lies talk about the animosity that Trump had towards the US Federal Reserve and that he had tried, if not to abolish it, at least to limit it, and that is why the Bilderberg Club never admitted it in its clan. Something similar with J.F. Kennedy and A. Lincoln, which is why they were assassinated. That is ‘classified’ information.

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[122] Protein envelope that protects nucleic acid from a virus.

[123] The plan of the COVID-19 Action Platform of the World Economic Forum and the WHO includes the collection of approximately 12 billion dollars to create and distribute a vaccine against the coronavirus, including in the working group corporations such as Volkswagen , Bank of America and Deloitte. Have you seen the same humanitarianism? That¡.

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VI- IS THE REMEDY –preventive or curative- WORSE THAN THE DISEASE?  

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 VII.     THE IMMUNE SYSTEM .             

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[192] Google is allocating hundreds of millions of dollars for the fight against aging and searching for the key to perpetual life (? Sic!), And large corporations that are freezing (cryogenesis?) Very sick people, so that when science allows, thaw and revive healthy:

[193] The developed countries of Europe and Canada do not tire of spreading invitations for young Latino couples, with at least two children, to move to make a ‘new life’: Importing fresh generation!

[194] “The strength of Mexicans is in the womb of their women,” an allusion to the Mexican patriot César Chávez, of whom, curiously, Biden exhibits an effigy in his office (¿¡). On one occasion, Yaset Arafat, the leader of the PLO, also said: “The strength of the Palestinians is in the womb of their women.”

[195] Chagas disease, after the young Brazilian doctor Carlos Chagas who discovered and investigated it in Minas Gerais, is named: ‘chinchus’, ‘chiribicus’ and ‘barbeiros’ (Brazil); ‘chipos’ (Venezuela); ‘whistle’, ‘bad ass’, ‘bug’ (Colombia); ‘vinchuca’ in (Chile, and Argentina). In the end, this disease (preventable and treatable) kills with a fulminant heart attack. In Colombia, today this disease is an epidemic.

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