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New Release – Dr SK Tiwari’s New Book- Essentials of Boger’s Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy

New Release – Dr SK Tiwari’s New Book- Essentials of Boger’s Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy.

 A brief about the book – It is a ‘collection’ to ‘connect’ the scattered valuable concepts deliberated by Boger which delineates the principles and the methodology of rational and successful clinical practice of Homoeopathy.

So, Why Homoeopathy?

Let us go through some of the cases and vehemently believe that why not homeopathy?

1. Mr. K., age 50 had gonorrhea years ago. Then an attack of ileus was cured by Thuja, which, however, had no effect on the enlarged prostate and prolapsed rectum. Discouraged over this he called only occasionally, when suddenly a prodigious ringworm eruption came out all over the genitals, the groins, inside of thighs and in both axillae. With a warning of an impending storm crisis he received a single dose of Sepia MM and was ordered home and to bed. Many boils in the affected areas and a large perineal abscess followed, whereupon the good wife, to ease things, gave a dose of castor oil at bedtime. The result was startling; about midnight a brother physician phoned saying that on an emergency call he found my patient unconscious, vomiting and purging and in collapse and that he had already given a hypodermic, but wanted to know what remedy he should leave. I replied that the victim had probably had more than enough medicines by this time and the Antipsoric should be allowed to complete its action. The perineal abscess soon emptied itself and the constipation with its attendant prolapsus disappeared.
He came to my office in a week in better health than for years.

2. Mrs. C. age 55.
1. Chill to head, then joint pains, finally boring at heart and
2. It’s hot and sweaty.
3. Retches from the least motion.
4. Wants head high and is short of breath.
5. Surfeited by the least food. Anorexia.
6. Water gags her.
7. History of gall-stones, tonsillitis, and quinsy.
8. Phlebitis of the whole right lower limb with intense pain and
A surgeon reported nothing could be done. Pulsatilla in various
potencies made a complete cure.
More is yet to come, stay tuned!
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