Natural Remedies for Ischemic Ulcers, Ischemic Ulcers Treatment in Homeopathy

Natural Remedies For Ischemic Ulcers

Having ischemic ulcers is not an enjoyable experience, and if you have them, then you’ll want to help them heal as quickly as possible. While you can see your doctor for a prescription, there are many natural ways that you can speed up the healing of your ulcers from home.

Ischemic ulcers are notorious for healing exceptionally slow, especially because they are commonly located on areas like your heels. Since you need to continue to walk around and put pressure on them, your body doesn’t have as much time to work on the healing process.

Try out some of these natural remedies to help speed up the healing of your ischemic ulcers.

What causes an ischemic ulcer?

Ischemic ulcers are caused by low blood flow to a specific area of your body, most commonly your legs. Blood flow is essential to heal wounds, and without it, even minor injuries can develop into ulcers. Additionally, lack of blood flow can cause the ulcer themselves as cells will begin to die and your tissue will become damaged, turning into an ulcer.

Before the problem gets too severe, here are some ways you can help heal them at home.

1.Heel pads

Since you will still need to walk around to do your daily activities, you’re unable to take the pressure off your feet entirely. The ulcers will continue to worsen unless you find a way to reduce this pressure and the best way to do that is with heel pads. Heel pads help to relieve the pressure on your foot using multiple inflatable air cells. These cells help to distribute the weight when you step so that there is less pressure on your problem area. This allows blood to continuously flow to the wound, controlling edema. Bosshard Medical has some incredible heel pad options that will help your ulcer to heal much quicker.


Honey has been used for years on open wounds due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce swelling and pain, and because it’s antibacterial, it will prevent infection. Additionally, the healing properties of honey will speed up the healing process. All you need to do is apply some honey onto your chosen dressing and place it on the wound.

3.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many uses beyond just soothing sunburns. It’s an effective treatment for a variety of ailments, including the healing of ischemic ulcers. It helps to stop the growth of bacteria, which prevent ulcers from becoming further infected. There are certain hormones and healing compounds like anthraquinones which contribute to accelerated healing. To use, cut a small piece of an aloe vera leaf and peel off the external skin. Scrape off some of the gel and apply it directly to your ulcer.

4.Compression socks

For those with low blood circulation in their legs, the blood will flow easily down to the feet but have a hard time flowing back up to the heart. Compression socks are another natural way to give your circulation system a bit of a boost, helping to encourage blood to flow out of your feet and back up your legs.

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