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National Homoeopathic Conference-2023


National Homoeopathic Conference-2023

“It is important to match the horoscope before marriage, but now it is more important to go for a blood test before tying the knot as it is the only way to prevent genetic disorders in offspring,” Member of Parliament Shankar Lalwani said. He was addressing the national seminar on ‘Homoeopathic Treatment for Incurable Diseases’, organised by Advanced Homoeopathic Medical Research and Welfare Society and AYUSH Medical Welfare Foundation, on Saturday. Lalwani said if a person is healthy, then society will be healthy, and if both are healthy, then the coun-try will be healthy. Senior homoeopathic physician and member of scientific advisory board at central council of homoeopathic research, Ministry of AYUSH, Dr AK Dwivedi, said that ho-moeopathy is proving to be a ray of hope for patients suffering from incurable diseases like anaemia, sickle thalassaemia. Britain’s Dr Shashi Mo-han Sharma, who joined aplastic cell, and online as a keynote speaker, said that after Corona, in England, people’s faith in homoeopathy as an alternative medicine has increased. “Mouth publicity played a key role in the popularising homoeopathy in England,” he said. Similarly, Dr Padmapriya Nair from England also said that homoeopathy treatment significantly increases the body’s immunity, which makes the patient capable of successfully defeating even the biggest of diseases.


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