My Understanding of Aphorisms Related to Susceptibility

My Understanding of Aphorisms Related to Susceptibility

Susceptibility is explained in the aphorisms 30,31,32,33 & 34.

Susceptibility is the reaction of Vital force towards the external stimuli. It varies person to person. Our master elaborated it in Organon of Medicine.

Aphorism 30-

“ The human  body  appears  to admit at being much  more powerfully affected  in its  health  by medicines (partly because  we have e   the regulation of the close  in our own of  power) than  by natural  morbid stimuli- for  natural  diseases  are curved and overcome by suitable medicines”.

Analysis: Since we have in our hands the power to regulate s the doses, the human body is more early influenced by medicines than by natural disease. The natural diseases are cured by suitable medicines.

Aphorism 31-

 “ The inimical forces , partly physical  to which our terrestrial existence is  exposed ,which are termed  morbific  noxious  agents  do not possess the  power of  morbidly deranging the health of man  unconditionally , by we are made  ill by them only when our organism is sufficiently disposal and susceptible to the attack  of the  morbific cause  that may be  present and to be   altered  in its  health , deranged  and  made  to  undergo abnormal sensations & functions hence they do not produce disease in every one nor at all  times.


  1. The inimical forces, termed as morbific noxious agents can derange the health of human only under certain conditions, i.e.  They cannot act unconditionally.
  2. These can cause sickness only when the human organism is sufficiently disposed & susceptible to the attack.

Aphorism 32-

“But it is quote otherwise with the morbific agents which we term medicines. Every real medicine namely act at all times under a;; circumstances  , on every   living  human being and produces in him its peculiar symptoms (distinctly perceptible , if the dose be large enough), so that  evidently every  living human  organism is liable to be affected , and  as it were inoculated with the medicinal disease at all times and absolutely (unconditionally), which as a before said  is by  no  means  the  case  with natural disease.


  1. We term artificial   morbific agents as medicines.
  2. Whenever we brand a medicines as a real one, it will work at all time under all circumstances, on every living human beings.
  3. It produces its own peculiar systems which are clearly distinguishable when the dose is charge enough.
  4. It works unconditionally. This is not the case with the natural disease as said in the previous paragraph.

Aphorism 33

  1. Medicinal power are much more disposed towards deranging the human organism, that the natural morbific agents and inflections measures. The medicinal agents are greatly superior to the natural morbific agents.
  2. What was said in the previous paragraph is separated   here.

Aphorism 34 –

 “The greater strengths at the artificial disease producible by medicines is however, the sole cause of these power to cure the natural disease.  In order that they may effect    a cure it is before all things requisites that  they  should be capable of producing in the human body an artificial disease as    similar  as possible  to the disease to be cured which  with  somewhat  increased power  trans  to very similar      morbid state the instinctive principle which in itself  is capable of any  reflection or act of memory  it not   only obscures , but extinguishes and thereby annihilates the derangement  causes    by the  natural disease. This is so true, that no previously existing disease can be cured even   by nature itself, by the occasion   strong and just as little it can be cured by medical treatment with drugs.   Which are incapable of producing a similar morbid condition in the in healthy body.”


  1. The greater strength of the artificial disease produced by medicines is alone not the sole cause of their power to cure.
  2. The medicines must be capable of producing in the living human body an artificial   disease as similar as possible to the disease to be cured.
  3. The greater strength in addition to the above quality it is able to cure.

The accession at a new dissimilar disease cannot cure an existing one however strong it might be.

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