My Life My Yoga Video Blogging Contest Competition by Ministry Of Ayush

Video Blogging Contest By Ministry Of AYUSH

The Ministry of AYUSH has launched a video blogging contest names “आयुष से जीवनी शक्ति” to facilitate awareness about the Ayush system of medicines and treatment and provide people a forum to share good practices that they follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle covering all aspects—Aahara (Diet), Vihara (Physical Activity), and Nidra (Sleep).
People are encouraged to talk about and share their personal experiences of how these 3 major aspects have helped them boost their immunity and lead a healthy lifestyle in not more than 2 minutes 30 seconds. Since, the focus is on raising awareness and sharing of personal experiences, no post-video edits are expected, and we just want to hear about you. The task of evaluation of the videos is to be entrusted to Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM).
Contest Details
The people are encouraged to post a short video of not more than 2 minutes 30 seconds. focusing on 3 major aspects for leading a healthy life, which include –
• Aahara (Diet) – This aspect places emphasis on the consumption of nutritious diet for health and well-being. The participants can recommend food items with high nutritional value, highlighting the health benefits offered by those food items, They can describe the method of preparing those food items and the frequency and interval for consuming those food items.
• Vihara (Physical Activity) – This aspect focuses on the importance and role of physical activities and exercise for staying fit and healthy. The participants can talk about their daily physical activities which help them to maintain good physical and mental health and recommend exercises which help to develop resistance against diseases.
• Nidra (Slumber/Sleep) – This aspect aims to highlight the positive impact of having a sound slumber/sleep, on an individual’s health. The participants can describe how sound slumber/sleep and good health are inseparable for each other. They can throw light on the prerequisite conditions for enjoying a sound slumber/sleep.
To enter the contest, contestants will have to submit their video link on the MyGov platform—these videos can be uploaded on either Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and be made public before putting up the link in the entry submission form. The contest will be open to Ayush experts (Members of Ayush institutions/Practitioners of any of the Ayush systems/People having degree in any of the Ayush systems.) participants from all the parts of India.
List of Appendices

The details pertaining to the operational procedures of the video blogging contest have been attached as appendices. The contents of the appendices include –
Appendix 01 – Event Details (Click here to read)
Appendix 02 – Guidelines for Participation (Click here to read)
Appendix 03 – Terms and Conditions (Click here to read)
Last date of submission is 14th November 2020

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