Mouth Taping Can Help Improve Your Experience and Let You Enjoy a Peaceful Sleep!

Mouth Taping Can Help Improve Your Experience and Let You Enjoy a Peaceful Sleep!

Sleep deprivation is prevalent in modern societies, and its potential health risks are also well-known. How do you protect yourself from its ill impact? You can start by incorporating simple hacks like mouth taping. Innovative sleep improvement solutions can be reliable whether you toss and turn in bed a lot or never fall into a deep slumber. Restless sleep may not be a medical disorder, but it deserves close monitoring and a preventative approach to safeguard one’s health against unwanted consequences or side effects. Hence, mouth tapes can be a pertinent tool in this journey. Let’s gather more insights into restless sleep and how mouth-taping works for a comprehensive understanding.

  • Restless sleep

Although medically unrecognized, restless sleep can be linked with symptoms like frequent tossing and turning in bed, having inadequate sleep, racing mind, irritability due to not falling asleep, and inability to kip after suddenly waking up etc. No matter what you go through, the next day of your life feels even more terrible as a sense of sluggishness and fatigue sets in. These issues become prominent depending on the regularity of your sleep condition. Without timely checks, you make yourself vulnerable to accidents because you feel drowsy when driving or operating a heavy machine. How do you identify the trouble? As hinted, fidgeting in bed is typical. Besides this, you can look for signs like snoring, sleepwalking, limb movement, leaving bed, shouting in sleep, teeth grinding, etc. 

Stress, anxiety, alcohol consumption, uncomfortable sleep environment, and others can contribute to restless sleep. Do you fear you are facing this problem? You can use lulltape for relief.

  • Mouth taping for better sleep!

You place a pre-cut comfortable tape across the lips vertically or horizontally to keep your mouth shut during sleep. The primary purpose of taping is to promote nasal breathing and prevent mouth breathing. Humans need to breathe from the nose to receive humidified and filtered air into their lungs for increased circulation. When this process happens smoothly, their blood pressure levels remain healthy, dramatically reducing anxiety. Conversely, mouth breathing causes sleep disruption due to dry mouth. It also increases the risk of gum disorder, bad breath, and other challenges.

  • Who should you consider mouth-taping? 

Many adults face the problem of restless sleep and may be susceptible to developing sleep issues such as sleep apnea, sleeplessness, and restless leg syndrome. Some also suffer from co-existing health challenges, such as pain, which further disrupts their sleep quality. Anxiety, stress, and depression only worsen their woes. Work and family responsibilities often give them little room for adequate sleep. Considering all this, they can be the best candidate for mouth tapes. 

Finding a suitable mouth tape for sleep should be your priority to improve your quality of life. Select a pre-cut design to ease your bedtime work. You only need to keep your tape handy and apply it before hitting the pillow. Ensure to stick it correctly, though. Since it’s convenient to use, you will have an easy time with its application. Remember, a few early days with tape may require a minor habitual adjustment. Once you get into the habit, things will be different in a good way from there on.

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